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Wow! Over 1800 knitting olympics! This floors my mind. There's a yahoogroup for it now, too.
I am going to be shutting down the computer for a few hours. I'm watching HeMan & I need to get warmed up & I need to try to relax. I'm stressing out really bad.
I scared myself silly -- I climbed under the bed & discover all sorts of scary UFOs! A zillion 2 round granny squares, a zillion hexagons of various sizes & numbers of rounds, grannies my grandmother gave me bordered in black or brown....  I decided to give up on those scary bears & the scary scrap skirt so I can do what I really want to do... make more granny squares!!!
i'm insane!!
FFaFers - I'll be leaving posting up through today until sometime Saturday! Rules/how to post is below or click the link over there <-----