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cat toys (crocheted)

Cat ToysThis is just a little something I whip up using those really small bits of yarn I accumulate. I knot all the pieces together - I know, I know, knotting is bad. I make these two ways: Either leaving all the odd bits outside of the toy (my cat loves playing with all the odd ends) or stuffing the bits inside of the toy.

When you have a decent size ball of yarn, or you think you have enough to make several cat toys, then you are all set to begin! Use a small size crochet hook (e works well, or smaller) and chain a length for the tail - whatever length you like. Think about your cat's habits - would he enjoy playing with it by myself - then a shorter tail is good. My cat loves to play with me, so I make some with long tails so I can hold the end & he can play with the other end, without my fingers getting ripped off. Make sure you have cat nip to stuff!

After you crochet your tail, make 4 or 5 sc into the second chain from the hook. Work in continuous rounds and increase randomly until you get the size around you like - usually 15 or so is a good size for me. Work the length you want. I generally make these about 2" long. Stuff with catnip and/or cotton - I always just stuff with 100% catnip though. Decrease in every stitch around until you only have a few stitches left, and then end off. Stuff again as needed, close the end of your toy up, and weave the ends in if desired, or leave out for your cat to play with! Enjoy!

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