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the blue blog

just getting ready for next week.

the blue blog: "- BASIC INFO: name, email address, blog address, mailing address (don't worry, I won't be sharing your email or mailing addresses with anyone but your sock pal)

- GROUP INFO: do you want to be in the beginner group? are you willing to ship overseas?
I don't want to be w/ the beginners, I am willing to ship overseas.

- FOOT AND SOCK INFO: foot measurement from heel to tip of big toe AND foot circumference measured at the ball of the foot, plus any other measurements or info that your pal needs to make socks fit your feet
9.3" long, 3.5" wide, can't measure circumference at the moment, gotta grab that tape measure

Also include any of the following sock details that are important to you:
fiber preferences - got allergies? prefer wool socks? just food allergies (fruit), yes, I prefer wool

color preferences - solids/variegated colors? specific colors you hate? I don't care for tweeds or pink. Anything else is fine. I love orange, blue, green, browns...

design preferences - do you like crazy socks? lacy socks? stripes or solids? prefer calf length/ankle length?

I love crazy, mismatched, wild socks, I also love dressy socks, but not boring. Solid's wonderful, as is stripes or anything else. I prefer the longer/higher, the better. My favorite length is about 10" high, but I usually knit about 8-9" most of the time.

Include whatever you think your pal should know. If you're up for anything, just say that and your pal can have fun with your socks!

I'm really up for anything!

Current Projects

    log cabin afghan
    knit mitered square afghan
    granny square afghan
    quilted C afghan
    mittens for Akkol
    patchwork wool afghan
    design socks
    SocretPal Socks