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52 books

I used to love to read - I still do, but because of my lifestyle (read knitting obsession) I don't have a lot of reading time anymore. I used to read 4 books a week, now I don't read more than one a month, sometimes! So I set a challenge to read or listen to 52 unabridged books over the course of the year.

I know I forgot to write down a few (I've always tried to write them down & never manage to), but I managed to get to #38.

Though I failed, I feel like I succeeded because a) for the most part, I remembered to write down my books and b) though I'd go a month without reading, I kept getting myself back on track & would try to finish a book again. So I feel like I didn't quite fail because at least I tried.

So, my 2005 booklist: (dates are approximately when I finished them)

Harry Potter #1 - reread - 1/1
Shame of Man, Piers Anthony 1/3
Harry Potter #2 - reread - 1/05
Knitting Sutra - 01/05
Buffalo Soldiers
Massachusetts (didn't finish) N. Zaroulis
Knit Lit #2 3/2
16 lighthouse Rd. - D. Macomber 3/15
Voyager Nanotech War 4/1
Voyager Homecoming 4/2
Voyager Homecoming Book 2 4/3
Unfit to Practice P. O'Shaughnessy (reread, didn't finish)
audio CD J. D. Robb Immortal in Death 4/05
Time and CHance - Sharon Kay Penman 4/13
Voyager Cloak & Dagger #1 Dark Matters 4/14
J. D. Robb - audio CD - didn't write down name 4/15
D. Macomber 44 Cranberry Point 4/21
Where the Heart Is 5/11
The Keeners 5/13
Harry Potter #5 Order of the Phoenix started 5/14 finished 5/18
Failure is Not an Option - Gene Kranz 6/11
A Good Yarn D. Macomber 6/15
ST: Voyager Death of Neutron Star Kotani - 6/26
ST: Voyager Section 31 Shadow 6/28
The Badlands. Book one of two / Susan Wright.
audio CD The Marriage Contract 7/17
Patricia Potter, The Heart Queen 7/19
Harry Potter #6 7/24
Puppet Master, R. Heinlein 8/8
J. Kellerman audio CD Therapy (reread) 8/8
Fire in Boston's Cocoanut Grove
Magick (Septimus Heap) #1 by Angie Sage, audio CD 8/14
Voyager String Theory book 1 Cohesion by Jeffrey Lang
Artimus Fowl audio CD 8/24
Door Into Summer, R. Heinlein 9/5
ST: TNG #19 Perchance to Dream 9/8
Couldn't keep it to myself / Wally Lamb et al
Club dead / Charlaine Harris
Cube Roots P. Anthony 10/05
Firefly P. Anthony (reread)
A journal for Christa : Christa McAuliffe, teacher in space / Grace George Corrigan
How precious was that while : an autobiography / Piers Anthony (read most)
Have Space Suit Will Travel audio CD Heinlein 11/05
Someday soon / Debbie Macomber
The Tunnel Through Earth Heinlein 11/05
At knit's end : meditations for women who knit too much / Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
-- (didn't write down) R. Heinlein 12/05
**edited 01/02/06-Remembered I read Time Traveler's Wife**

My husband & I set up another challenge this year: I have to buy him 52 toys (things he collects, hotwheels, matchbox cars, g.i. joe, transformers, or garfield) & he has to buy me 52 vintagey knit/crochet related items. This will be fun :). We can't buy anything online, can't buy anything at Walmart or those types of stores - everything has to be in used, but good condition.

So, 52 socks to knit for cic, 52 books to read or listen to, and 52 things to buy for hubby w/o him knowing what I'm buying!

(**edited again 01/05 - went through our library's auto saved reading list & added titles that I knew I actualy read, added approximately in the list from when the books were due)

I loved reading your books read list! Your taste runs similar with mine, I love sci-fi, Piers Anthony, YA fantasy (my favourite genre) and Star Trek, though I haven't read any Voyager books yet.

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