Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Crochet Free Patterns and Filet Charts Plus How To's

Crochet Free Patterns and Filet Charts Plus How To's

Pieces of My Heart | Crochet me Magazine

Pieces of My Heart | Crochet me Magazine

heart pillow for whoever

Letter O of Checkered Alphabet Free Chart For Cross-Stitch or Filet

Letter O of Checkered Alphabet Free Chart For Cross-Stitch or Filet

chart for family reunion

Dragonfly Afghan Crochet-Along Learn Filet Crochet

Dragonfly Afghan Crochet-Along Learn Filet Crochet

for whoever or for nursing home lapghans



for Laurie for Christmas


Still mentally trying to figure out ideas & get started on making things for the family reunion in the fall & for Christmas. I don't want to just make dishclothes & towel toppers, though I probably will make a few of those. They are easy & fast & good for just about anybody. I really want to find something that really screams "Wow, that's perfect for my mother-in-law!" or "Wow, that's perfect for my relatives!" I don't want to make too much for my side of the family, in any case; we might not be exchanging gifts this year but donating money to the scholarship fund (we have a scholarship every year in memory of my grandparents in the town they lived).

Monday, January 30, 2006

gift basket ideas

Baby's First Christmas

Hair "Stuff"
3 babushkas
snood or another snood
scrunchies more scrunchies
hair goodies

Add some store bought scrunchies, hair elastics, a new brush/mirror, and put it all in a large cosmetic bag that you made!

Won't even list too many links, it's obvious!
http://www.geocities.com/alyssa5000/patterns.html - kitchen stuff
Stick in a stock pot, strainer, add some kitchen gadgets

slippers or hand knit socks
http://members.aol.com/SAG55/coupon.html - coupon holder
http://members.tripod.com/~lfborin/project-taco-chip.htm - c necklace
http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com/directory/bags_totes_purses.php - bag or purse
http://members.aol.com/Sbaycgoa/patpalm.htm - palm pilot case
http://libiloucreations.blogspot.com/2005/08/well-i-thought-i-better-do-it.html book cover
http://www.crochetpatterncentral.com/directory/bookmarks.php - bookmarks
http://members.aol.com/JSchlossma/flap.html - flowers
fingerless gloves

http://www.jimsyldesign.com/~dishbout/cpatterns/jcroangles.html - angel dishcloth

Barbie clothes
barbie printables
add a couple barbies and you're golden!


For needleworkers
Hook Caddy
Night Stand Caddy
Hook Case another hook case
Yarn Needle Case
Tool Kit
Pink Tote Bag
Pin cushions
Wrist Pouch Another version

list of things to make for Christmas/reunion

Starting a list of things I want to make for Christmas. Started just posting links & then I figured I'd better just make a list.

Letter O alphabet pillow
http://crochet.about.com/library/bl1alphabet.htm - maybe spell out name
http://www.knittingknonsense.com/index2.html - do MA because the reunion's in MA
http://www.knittingknonsense.com/o_cloth.html - O for name
http://www.knittingknonsense.com/USAcloth.html - USA for filler...

Back to square one for Christmas. All I have is
towel toppers
mitten's for Jon's grandmother again

The Ultimate Summer Fun Crocheted Gift Basket

The Ultimate Summer Fun Crocheted Gift Basket

magicalkingdom.co.uk - Origami Star 1 Page 1

magicalkingdom.co.uk - Origami Star 1 Page 1

Christmas Time Together at imagitek.com - Ice Candles

Christmas Time Together at imagitek.com - Ice Candles

quick, small, little, mini update

DH dropped off a large pile of afghans to Warm Up America yesterday, I didn't count but around 10 afghans or so.

I did manage to squeeze out another pair of CIC socks this weekend, and a pair for my sock swap partner. I'm trying to wrap up projects before the Knitting Olympics starts, but it seems I can't help but keep casting on new socks anyway.

I need to start working on squares for swaps I've joined.

Quiet weekend for us; Saturday we finished up Harry Potter #2 on audio book while I knitted & Jon played with legos (www.legosforrealmen.blogspot.com) & that night we went up to Worcester to visit the inlaws for Jon's birthday. He was thrilled to get the next season of Simpsons & his Garfield calander. We both cheated on our diet a little bit & had cake & ice cream. Hey, it was for his birthday, how can you refuse cake, diet or no diet? Got home about 10ish. Sunday was even more quiet, we started Little House on the Prairie on audio & Jon went to work for a few hours & that was about it. Watched some Tivo of course! I ended up deleting about 25 hours worth of stuff at least since I'm tivo'ing the Andromedro marathon today, and I taped all of travel's new show taboo life or whatever it was called last night, and we still have a few Mythbuster's tivo'd from last marathon, let alone our usual shows & my history.

Saturday, January 28, 2006


Box # 1 & 2.... Yes, I have yarn in a Kotex box! So! This is acrylic yarn, bought at yard sales.

More boxes of yarn, all acrylic. Yes, there is yarn in the giant tub. I have another, larger tub of acrylic at my parents house, along with many, many, many, many more boxes of acrylic yarn, all bought at yard sales.

Munch is helping me look at some of my sock yarn/yarn I've dyed myself.

yeah, it's more acrylic, wanna make something out of it?

Over there --> in the space saver is a bag of vintage sock yarn I scored at Salvation army for 25 cents a piece - and 50% off that! It's mainly nylon or nylon/wool 50-50 blends.


Yes, I have more yarn then this, but as I started taking photos I realized how boring most of my stash is. I'll take one more photo later on of all the yarn packed back into my closet.

Friday, January 27, 2006


hey, this is the one, the only meeyotch over at blogtending.

I'm not much of a craft person...
but when you said cats, I knew i couldnt resist:

So, a happy FFAF from me to you (just make sure you save me a pop-tart!)


Wow! Over 1800 knitting olympics! This floors my mind. There's a yahoogroup for it now, too.
I am going to be shutting down the computer for a few hours. I'm watching HeMan & I need to get warmed up & I need to try to relax. I'm stressing out really bad.
I scared myself silly -- I climbed under the bed & discover all sorts of scary UFOs! A zillion 2 round granny squares, a zillion hexagons of various sizes & numbers of rounds, grannies my grandmother gave me bordered in black or brown....  I decided to give up on those scary bears & the scary scrap skirt so I can do what I really want to do... make more granny squares!!!
i'm insane!!
FFaFers - I'll be leaving posting up through today until sometime Saturday! Rules/how to post is below or click the link over there <-----

It's been a while

First, it's been a while since I have used Blogger. This was the first CMS I used for my website. It's changed a bit since, but still looks familiar.

Second, it's been a while since I've crocheted a granny square. The last time I did was to make a poncho for myself during the summer of 2004. It was one huge granny square around a neck hole and finished off with a twisted fringe. After hand twisting three fringes, I rigged up a twister using an old latch-hook I cut apart and my cordless drill. I should really take a picture of it sometime.

Welcome to FFAF!
~ Bonnie

Free for all fun

Thanks for stopping by my site and making a post. It is always fun to get other people posting on my site.

I never got into knitting, as I don't think I would have the patience to sit and knit something for extended periods of time. I'm not opposed to learning it. In fact, I think it would be neat to knit a pair of socks or mittens.

But I have other crafty things I've done. Usually small, as I am not a terribly artistic person. I've taken some plain wooden boxes that I found at stores like Michaels or Joanne's and painted or stained them. I use them for storing little things or small treasures. I've given some away as gifts.

Paul - Postcards From Metro Suburbia

free for all friday

Free-For-All Friday


This is a knitting/crocheting blog. Not everyone does crafts, of course, but, please try to post something related to crafts of some sort. Failing that, I also (sometimes) write about books, cats/pets, and travel.

"Please keep it somewhat clean...if you don't think I would post it, don't. I reserve the right to delete and or edit any posts I feel are inappropriate. That includes obvious spelling errors and sTuPid tExT lIkE thIs.

Please don't forget to sign your post and pimp your blog. If I don't know who you are I can't come to your blog and share the fun.

Today is Free-For-All Friday! Free for All means you can post whatever you want on my blog. Say what you want to say, share a link, complain about household appliances, etc... all you have to do is login and post!

Here's how to do it:

Go to http://www.blogger.com

Login: guestofadultramblings

Password: guestguest

Click on Granny Square Woman: New Post (little green plus sign).

Enter a title


Click publish post, save as draft, or preview if you'd like. Html is allowed, but blogger sometimes does funky things to the coding, so be sure to preview. It's easy.

You are Done! Thanks!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

misc photos

Here I am with the yarn I got this weekend!

Here we are both of us wearing our hand knit socks. The color came out funny on my socks, the main color was the orangey brown from knit picks.

And here's another pair of finished socks! They are a wool -cotton blend, with about 5" cuffs & used up most of the yarn I had. They were made on size 1 needles, toe up, 64 stitches, two by two ribbing just at the top 1.5 inches.

us at the beach

the story of Jon's sock

Here we are on the way to Maine:

Here we are at Maine:

Here we are at the beach:

Here's Jon's sock in our hotel room, just as the sun was setting.
Here he is wearing his finished sock!! How handsome!

Yarn: magic stripes
Size 2 needles
toe up, 5 needles, made at the same time on 2 sets of needles
Plain til the 3 by 3 ribbing
2 different shades of blue for heels & toes
56 stitches on the foot, 60 on the leg

random Wednesday-ish-ness

OK, it's Wednesday. I'll be uploading photos later, but I haven't had time to really sit down & type up any new patterns. I am sort of on a Barbie/Skipper/Cabbage Patch kid kick right now, but I do have a scrap afghan pattern, crocheted, that I'm excited to share.

We went away this weekend, new yarn yeah :). We went to 3, count them 3, new to me yarn stores this weekend. I could have gone to more, but since we went away for Jon's birthday, I thought I shouldn't overwhelm the poor boy.

I picked up a skein of Opal tiger for socks for me, and Jon picked up a skein of Opal Magic for him. Then later that night, at Michael's, I picked up 4 skeins of Kroy sock yarn on clearance for $3 each, along with a skein of bulky alpaca/wool/silk, whose label I already lost.

I joined Team Boston this afternoon :).

I'm currently adding new buttons & stuff to the blog. I really don't like the redesign, but oh well.

I started reading Knit Lit the third this weekend, it's OK so far.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

granny square sweater

Free Image Hosting at ImageShack.us
I made this sweater ages ago! I adore granny squares, so I had to make at least one granny square sweater. I used to have a granny square sweater but I got rid of it 3 years ago when we moved. I still don't know why!

cic socks 3

Free Image Hosting at ImageShack.us
One of the fair isle socks I knitted for the CIC box. I absolutely adore how these came out, they were among the first fair isle projects I attempted.

close up of a few cic socks

I guess the title says it all. You can see some of the individual socks in this pic. I love the red, white, and blue socks that I dyed myself, and the blue/green socks I also dyed myself.
Free Image Hosting at ImageShack.us

CIC socks

Free Image Hosting at ImageShack.us
The box of CIC socks that I sent mid-December.


Signed up for my first sockapalooza, yeah! Actually made it this round.

Will be doing a major update later on, lots of pictures to show off, and probably a new pattern or two, for Skipper &/or Barbie dolls.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday Fun

Friday Fun:

1. What is the one thing that is guaranteed to brighten your mood, no matter what?
knitting. or Zorro.

2. You have no place to be, no distractions, no responsibilities, & all the money in the world. What is your favorite thing to do by yourself? With a friend? With family?
knitting of course. With a friend? Knitting. with family? travel/vacations

3. What is the most fun thing you have done today? This week?
Well, it's still early. I'd say knitting, LOL. This week? Giving Jon his handknit birthday socks.

olive green socks

Here's Jon modeling his baby cable, 100% wool olive green socks,
made with Patons Classic Wool.
Started 12/25, finished yesterday & gave to Jon
a couple of days early for his birthday.

close up of the socks

Thursday, January 19, 2006

knitting olympics

I've joined the Knitting Olympics I will be knitting the Very Tall Socks from Knitty.

My reasoning on knitting socks,when I do socks all the time:

*It takes at least 1 month for me to finish a pair in fingering weight. Usually more like 2 or 3.

*It takes me 2 weeks or more to knit them in worstened weight - I just finished the olive green socks I cast on on Christmas Day.

*So, ergo - it'll be a challenge to finish Very Tall Socks in 16 days! The biggest challenge will be deciding what yarn I'll use - leftover wools, leftover acrylic, leftover woolease, or should I actually make matching tall socks?

http://www.othersideofglenroad.org/backporch/index.php - Thursday Threesome

::eBay and PayPal::
Onesome: eBay-- Is eBay your first stop when looking for something? ...or your last place to go when you cannot find it anywhere else? Do you even use it? ...and hey, have you scored anything choice there lately?

When ebay was new, I was addicted. I often bought and sold on the site, and got my parents hooked as well. Now, I look upon it as a necessary evil, almost; not due to ebay itself, but for all the sellers out there who decided it would be fun to charge $10 for shipping and handling on an item that weighted less than 4 ounces & less than $2 to mail. If people weren't so greedy, and charged actual shipping costs more often, plus a reasonable handling fee to pay for boxes, gas to the post office, packing supplies, etc., I would be more willing to buy on ebay. I certainly haven't bought anything off ebay in quite some time.

Twosome: and-- while we're at it: if you did your shopping online for Christmas, how did it go? Did things come in on time? Any significant failures? ...and if you didn't, will you consider trying online shopping sometime this year?
I bought everything for Jon online this year, mainly at amazon. My only failure was when I didn't quite read the whole description of an item, and ended up buying something that he already owned. I regularly buy yarn online, and will definitely continue.

Threesome: PayPal-- Online shopping and services can be somewhat of an adventure; is PayPal your choice as a payment option or do you prefer another method. ...or do you shop locally or not at all? I hate paypal. I would prefer to pay with some other method if at all possible. I do shop locally, but online, nowadays, is easier for my lazy butt.


Still plugging along on the redesign, while mailing out apps & reading emails.

Finished the olive green mini cabled socks this am. yeah!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

changes in template

I'm currently changing over my template and having problems with the coding.

Please bear with me, if rings are missing, don't worry, I'm aware of it & will be fixing asap.

I've spent about 5 hours on this so far, I need to do other stuff.

patchwork afghan- how to

This isimage hosting by imagevenue.com how I make my patchwork afghans. Start with odd sized squares, small sized mini afghans, small free form pieces. Don't worry about gauge, don't worry about size. Don't even worry about color, though I try to stick with some type of color scheme, though I usually fail. I like to stick samplers all together, grannies all together, etc., but go wild if you want to.

In this example I'm joining four large squares together. One square is just a large granny square; the others are all small grannies, joined together, and then bordered. Two are almost the exact same size, so they get joined together first. Then I add the next square, and the next square...

image hosting by imagevenue.comHere I am, joining squares & filling in spaces as I go.

image hosting by imagevenue.comHere I am filling in a space left by joining the odd sized squares together. Sometimes those odd granny squares come in handy; I like to make solid grannies whenever I have a bit of leftover yarn, or make multi-colored grannies. They are great for free form, patchwork, or regular granny square afghans!

image hosting by imagevenue.com

Here's not quite the end, but you can see most of the end result. Now I just need to add some more rows of border, and I'm done.

free for all friday

Free-For-All Friday

I'm excited to be joining Free for All Friday. I'm posting this now, but I'll repost on the day of the fun.

This is a knitting/crocheting blog. Not everyone does crafts, of course, but, please try to post something related to crafts of some sort. Failing that, I also (sometimes) write about books, cats/pets, and travel.

"Please keep it somewhat clean...if you don't think I would post it, don't.

I reserve the right to delete and or edit any posts I feel are inappropriate. That includes obvious spelling errors and sTuPid tExT lIkE thIs.

Please don't forget to sign your post and pimp your blog. If I don't know who you are I can't come to your blog and share the fun.

Today is Free-For-All Friday! Free for All means you can post whatever you want on my blog. Say what you want to say, share a link, complain about household appliances, etc... all you have to do is login and post!

Here's how to do it:

Go to http://www.blogger.com
Login: guestofadultramblings

Password: guestguest

Click on Granny Square Woman: New Post (little green plus sign).

Enter a title

Click publish post, save as draft, or preview if you'd like. Html is allowed, but blogger sometimes does funky things to the coding, so be sure to preview. It's easy.

You are Done!


my name in scrabble tiles

Pholph's Scrabble Generator

My Scrabble© Score is: 11.
What is your score? Get it here.

patchwork sweater

I finally, after much, much frogging, finished my patchwork/freeform knitted/crocheted sweater. The idea behind it originally came from a book called something like Easy Knitted Sweaters even Beginners Can Make, or some such title. One of the sweaters was a patchwork sweater. You were supposed to make small squares, around 2 by 3 inches, using a certain stitch, then sew them all together, fill in the small spaces, and viola, a sweater. Well, I started with a few patches, but worked most of it in one piece, picking up stitches as needed, filling in small holes with crochet, sometimes working ala fair isle to blend two colors, sometimes working with 2 or 3 colors in one row ala jacquard. I decided to make a cardigan because one can never have two many cardigan sweaters. It's knit primarly out of Wool of the Andes. The white is from a recycled wool/angora sweater, and there are some patches of blue Patons Classic Merino leftover from an EZ sweater I knitted up. There are patches of a maroon & pink unknown stash wool; the dark purple/blue was a fingering weight wool/mohair/nylon sock yarn in my stash.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

the blue blog

just getting ready for next week.

the blue blog: "- BASIC INFO: name, email address, blog address, mailing address (don't worry, I won't be sharing your email or mailing addresses with anyone but your sock pal)

- GROUP INFO: do you want to be in the beginner group? are you willing to ship overseas?
I don't want to be w/ the beginners, I am willing to ship overseas.

- FOOT AND SOCK INFO: foot measurement from heel to tip of big toe AND foot circumference measured at the ball of the foot, plus any other measurements or info that your pal needs to make socks fit your feet
9.3" long, 3.5" wide, can't measure circumference at the moment, gotta grab that tape measure

Also include any of the following sock details that are important to you:
fiber preferences - got allergies? prefer wool socks? just food allergies (fruit), yes, I prefer wool

color preferences - solids/variegated colors? specific colors you hate? I don't care for tweeds or pink. Anything else is fine. I love orange, blue, green, browns...

design preferences - do you like crazy socks? lacy socks? stripes or solids? prefer calf length/ankle length?

I love crazy, mismatched, wild socks, I also love dressy socks, but not boring. Solid's wonderful, as is stripes or anything else. I prefer the longer/higher, the better. My favorite length is about 10" high, but I usually knit about 8-9" most of the time.

Include whatever you think your pal should know. If you're up for anything, just say that and your pal can have fun with your socks!

I'm really up for anything!

ten on tuesday

Ten on Tuesday - from http://www.yanowhatimean.com/tuesday/

10 Favorite Current Shows

2. Mythbusters
3. Commander in Chief
4. e.r.
5. Battlefield Britian
6. Medium
7. Close to Home
8. Criminal Minds
9. Cold Case
10. Simpsons

If I could include shows that are no longer still on the air, I would include Firefly & Voyager.

tuesday is choose day

tuesday is choose day

Would you rather:
sound like darth vader when you breathe OR like yoda when you talk?
sweat constantly OR have bad breath that won't go away?
be force-fed 10 mcdonald big macs OR 75 chicken mcnuggets?
take a trip to the sahara desert in the middle of summer OR tibet in the middle of winter?

I'd rather sound like Darth, sweat constantly, eat 75 chicken mcnuggets (and I hate McDonald's!), and take a trip to the Sahara.

Musing on Movies

From http://musingonmovies.blogspot.com/

What is the first special effects or effects heavy film you remember seeing and thinking "wow" at the visuals? (I know for many, it was Star Wars.) What are some recent examples, if any, that wowed you?

I would have to say Star Trek- my dad loves Trek, I grew up to Trek, and I am now a proud Trekkie as well. I remember going to see the Trek movies in the drive in with my parents. I'd go in my pajamas, so that when we got home, they could just carry me, asleep, into bed.

Special effect movies I love now? It's hard to say, as I don't really pay attention to special effects. I love the I, Robots movie with Will Smith, but is that considered special effects heavy?

question of the day

from http://indigobluegreen.blogspot.com/

How many TV's do you have in your house? Compare that to how many people live in your house.

We have two TVs and two people. Sad, that we have that many. My parents are worse, though - as they own one tv for the living room, one for their bedroom, one in their spare bedroom complete with a VCR built in, and one for their trailer. For two people!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

THE DAILY MEME - Memes and Quizzes for you each and every day. - http://thedailymeme.com/

THE DAILY MEME - Memes and Quizzes for you each and every day. - http://thedailymeme.com/

Annie's Attic - Double-Decker Card Set

Annie's Attic - Double-Decker Card Set

pattern of the day, only available today.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Adrienne's hat

Adrienne's birthday hat, sent a week late. Hopefully she'll send me a photo of her modeling it, but for now, that's me wearing it. It's similiar but a little different to my mother's newsboy style hat.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

multicolored crocheted wool hat with ribbing

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I love this hat, and always get lots of comments on it. I used up a variety of wools from various sources, including some vintage wool rug yarn. All yarns were worstened weight or held double to get worstened weight. Be sure to have enough of one color left for the brim/ribbing.

the multi colored crocheted wool hat with ribbing!

gauge: 7 stitches to 2" in pattern.

To inc: work 1 sc, 1 dc, 1 sc all in same stitch.
Pattern: sc in dc, dc in sc.

Ch 2, work 5 sc.
Round 1: Starting pattern, work 1 sc in first stich, 1 dc in next stitch, repeat around.
Rnd 2: Keep in pattern, inc in first stitch & 3 rd stitch.
Rnd 3 & all odd rows: Work even in pattern.
Rnd 4 & 6: Inc every 3rd stitch around, keeping to pattern.

Keep working in pattern until top of hat measures 7 inches, changing colors & using up scraps at will. Don't worry about changing colors at the beginning of a round, just change when you feel like it or when you run out of that color!

Work even until hat measures 2" less than total length of hat desired. I worked even for about 4".
Free Image Hosting at <a href=
For ribbing/brim:
ch 9, sc in 2nd chain from hook & in next 7 sts; in last stitch, put hook through stitch, yarn over, put hook through next stitch in the hat itself, yarn over, and pull through all stitches (dec made). Work back across over chained stitches, and continue around hat, decreasing in last stitch of round & into the next stitch of hat, working in back loops only for a nice firm ribbing.

Last round: slip stitch hat closed, end off, weave in ends!

small granny square rug

Using Aunt Lydia's Rug Yarn or other heavy duty yarn of choice & using a K hook.

Gauge: 4 round granny square measures = 7".

My finished rug measures 12" by 26", but work til desired size.

Uses 3 skeins of rug yarn in 3 different colors, or use colors as desired.
Free Image Hosting at <a href=
Small Granny Square Rug

Granny Squares (make 3):
Use your favorite granny square pattern, or:
chain 5, join w/ a slip stitch to form a ring. Ch 5, 3 dc into ring, chain 3, 3 dc into ring, chain 3, 3 dc into ring, chain 3, 2 dc, join to 3rd chain of beginning chain 5.

2nd round: chain 5, 3 dc into space (beg of corner made), chain 1, 3 dc, chain 3, 3 dc into next corner space, ch 1, repeat around, end w/ 2 dc & join in 3rd chain of beginning chain 5.

Repeat until granny square measures 4 rounds.

Sew granny squares together 1 by 3:


In any corner space, chain 5, 3 dc in same corner space, ch 1, and then work 3 dc into each chain 1 space all the way around. In each corner, work 3 dc, chain 3, 3 dc.

Next round: Keep in pattern, work corners as established, and work 3 dc in each chain 1 space.

I worked a total of 4 more rounds, but work until desired size.

kool aide dyed wool hat

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThis hat was one of the first projects I ever made out of wool. My mom was driving home from work one day, and someone had bags of this bulky, itchy wool at the end of their driveway, for free! Well, my mom know enough to scoff up the yarn, and so she did. The yarn was all rather dull colors, so this was something I dyed out of kool aide.

Bucket Hat:

Use bulky wool yarn of choice and Hook to get gauge, I believe I used a K hook.

Gauge: 2 hdc = 1"

Ch 3, 6 sc in 3rd chain from hook.

Mark beginning of rounds.

Round 1 & 2: 1 hdc, 2 hdc in next stitch, repeat around.
Rnd 3: 1 hdc in first 2 stitches, 2 hdc in next st, repeat around.
Keep increasing each row until hat reaches 6".

Work even for 5-6 rows, or desired length of hat.

For brim:

sc, ch 1, repeat all the way around hat.

Next round: sc in every ch 1 space, ch 1 across. End off, weave in ends. Enjoy!

the original blue fuzzy hat

Free Image Hosting at <a href=I wear this hat everywhere. The original blue fuzzy was made w/ one strand of Lion Brand fun fur & one strand of microspun in similiar shades of blue. I used 1.5 skeins of the fun fur and less than one skein of the microspun.

My father's very own version of the blue fuzzy was made with one strand of an unknown novelty type yarn & one strand of Wool of the Andes worstened weight wool yarn. I used just over one skein of each for his version.

gauge: 4 stitches to the inch w/ size I hook.

Using one strand of each yarn, ch 2, 6 sc in second chain from work.
Mark beginning of round. Free Image Hosting at <a href=
Rnd 1: 2 sc in each sc around.
Rnd 2: 2 sc in first sc, 1 sc in next, repeat around.
Rnd 3: 1 sc in first two sc, 2 sc in next, repeat around.
Rnd 4: 2 sc in first sc, sc in next 3 sc. Repeat around.
Rnd 5: 1 sc in first 4 sc, 2 sc in next sc, repeat around.
Repeat as established for approximately 7".
Work even in sc for 4 inches or for desired size. End off, weave in ends.

red newsboy hat

Free Image Hosting at <a href=Uses just over a skein of Knit Picks Crayon, 100% pima cotton.
50 grams/128 yards.

Hook: Size F or size to give gauge
Gauge: 3 sts=1"
Scrap of plastic canvas, in color to match yarn or piece of cardboard (for brim)
about 30" thin elastic

Foundation Row: Ch 2, 6 sc in 2nd chain from hook.
Rnd 1: Mark beg of round, crochet 2 sc in each sc around.
Rnd 2: Make 1 sc in first sc, 2 sc in next sc, work around.
Rnd 3: sc in first 2 sc, 2 sc in next sc, work around.
Rnd 4: sc in first 3 sc, 2 sc in next sc, work around.
Continue in established pattern, keep increasing every round until circle is 9.5" across.

Work even for two rounds.
Decrease round: Sc in the next two stitches, dec next two stitches, work around.
Work even for four rounds. Do NOT end off!

Sc in next 15 stitches, mark place, then work back across 15 stitches just worked. Sc into last sc from first round and sc into the original round. Work back across all stitches just worked, sc across end of rows, and work sc into original round. Continue back and forth until brim measures size desired, or about 3", ending with a sc on original row. End off.

Second piece of brim: Ch 16, work one sc in each chain across. Work back, and work 1 sc at end of row. Work back, and work 2 sc at end of row. Work back and forth, adding sc at the end of rows. Work until same size as brim on hat. End off. Weave in end.

Cut piece of plastic canvas or cardboard to same size as brim. Work 1 sc into each sc in both pieces of hat, and continue working around hat, work 1 sc in each stitch across. Cut long tail, and sew the seam of the hat brim carefully on the inside.

Take piece of elastic and weave into stitches of the decrease round. Pull snugly to fit, tie, and weave in ends.


My mom's modeling the hat, by the way!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

triangle socks

Socks stretch from triangle shape to foot shape when they are put on. Use about 3.5 ounces 4 ply knitting worsted and size 8 standard knitting needles.

Cast on 3 sts.
Row 1: K1, inc. in center st, k1.
Row 2 and all even rows: K each st.
Row 3: K 1, inc in eac of next 2 sts, k 1.
Row 5: K 1, inc in next st, k2, inc in next st,k 1.
Row 7: K 1, inc in next st, k across to last 2 st, inc in next st, k1.
Row 8: K across.

Repeat row 7 and 8 until there are 62 st, ending with row 8.

Dec row: K 1, k2 tog (a dec), k 56, sl one st, k 1, psso (a dec) k1

Next row: K each stitch.

Repeat last 2 rows until there are 14 sts on needle. Cut a strand of yarn about 12 inches long and run it through the 14 sts, forms toe, do not fasten off.

Fold work to triangle shape; sew two edges together for sole, sew halfway along other two edges - heel made; fasten off. Fold unsewn edges over toward toe and tack point over instep.

From the Workbasket, January 1974 25 cents.

Monday, January 09, 2006

CIC scrap wools shawl

Based upon the Odd Balls Knitting shawl. Various green wools, including 2 strands of a 100% wool yarn I was donated.