Wednesday, April 27, 2005

my summer knit list

What I want to knit for the summer:

summer memories capelet, almost done, from mode knits (from magic 8 ball leftovers from recycled yarn sweaters)

honeymoon cami, from knitting - maybe halfway done, or a little less than half (from one of my first recycled sweaters)

Tank of many colors Why is it called that? It's only one color...

Bias Stripe Top

Jewelled at knitty

Sleeveless Top another freebie from elann

Sarah tank top but if I make her, I'd have to make bigger straps to hide the bra & make a little longer, too.

Well, last night I worked on honeymoon while DH did a little more knitting & then worked on frogging the tan ribbed sweater for me, which is very slow going because it's a fingering weight & made with 2 balls at a time - one ball one row, one ball the next row. So it's a PITA to frog. This AM I did a little work on the capelet, I'm trying to finish it so I can post photos & concentrate on the honeymoon so I can start something else! I've been really wanting to tackle a couple of the tops from the 24 hour crochet projects book I got from the library, but I'm trying to finish a project or two!! Funny that, but I did join that UFO CAL!

DH finally took a couple of pictures of my crocheted tank top last night while we were out for a bit catching some sun (and wind, too, I might add). I'll have to upload pics later on.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tuesday, Tuesday

What am I up to lately? Not much, really. I finished 2 bags that will be felted (tote bags) & I did one mini one on Friday night that was felted already, but not enough. I finished one 12" square for this month's swap. I need to make one more. I've been busy sorting yarn - I'll be donating about 100 pounds of yarn, actually more like 150 once I finish adding all the weights of all the boxes of yarn together. I've done a little knitting on honeymoon (I finally did one increase row), a little more frogging of sweaters (did one lightweight olive green cardigan yesterday; an easy frog yielding 14 oz of yarn plus buttons, one more panel of the cabled maroon sweater coming apart in 2 balls at once, and started a couple more that are also being a PITA & coming apart in 2 balls at once), and a little bit on the capelet. I believe that is all.

Sunday, April 24, 2005


I read a thread on craftster about buttons & I'm in love. I love buttons & collect them. I don't actively go out & buy buttons, but always save buttons from recyling projects or when I can get them for free at the auction or a big tin of them for a couple of bucks, plus I've inherited some, etc etc. I've done a few crafts with them but I don't know what's happened to them! I really want to make: - I don't work with thread, but that's okay, I can fake it I'm sure - ditto about the thread! I got some vintage thread & vintage thread + vintage buttons = happiness :)

Once a friend-who-shall-remain-nameless sewed "themed" type buttons a hat. Mine had turtles on it since I love turtles! I have no idea what happened to that hat, I loved it!!

Someone suggested sewing buttons onto flip flops (I like that better than fake fur) or onto a purse... I like those ideas, too.

I love this idea - stuff cat toys with them! When they bang together they make a noise. Combined with catnip, this idea I like

I saw in a mag a while back button pins - take a small circle of fabric, sew buttons on it, stuff lightly, sew on a back, add a pin, and viola! If I sewed I would so do that.

a big thank you...

To everyone who has been posting comments on my blog lately. I've been really down lately, and actually seeing some comments here has been very, very nice. I have no idea how to reply directly to comments, but please know that they are very much appreciated!!

In crafty news: started frogging 2 sweaters yesterday, the maroon cabled sweater & the cotton salmon pink one. The salmon one is easy, but time consuming - it's a light sport weight, so lots of yardage. I'm hoping to get enough to make a top out of the 24 hour crochet projects book that I got from the library since it's a sport weight. I think I will.

The cabled sweater is a PITA!! I finally gave up on it this morning & will make DH help me frog it. I've been warned about sweaters like this from the recyledyarns yahoogroup. Someone last year just got a similiar sweater. It's a solid color sweater but made like a striped sweater - one row with one ball of yarn, and one row with a second ball. But my cabled sweater is made even weirder - one round one ball, one round the second ball, for 4 rows, and then 4 rows of just one ball. Not to mention the beginning of each section is made with about 3 balls all at the same time. Not to mention that the balls just randomly end, and I know it's NOT me - in the middle of the cable, one ball will end. Very weird. This sweater is a heavy worstened weight. I'm getting stubborn about finishing it, so I will, but all those little balls of yarn are useless to what I wanted the yarn for, so I think they'll end up in potholders or washclothes or something, or I'll just tye all the ends together & make something wild with all the ends hanging out - magic 8 ball style with just one color.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

another hook holder

I already have, erm, 4 or 5 of the book style hook holders... not to count the 5 or 6 cans of hooks (large size coffee cans) not to mention the 4 or 5 mugs with hooks in them that are old/rare that I don't actually use, not to mention the plastic canvas container full of hooks that I also don't use because they are for thread & I'm not a threadie. Oh, that's not counting the hooks in the misc tins. Or the hooks with WIPs. Or the hooks just lying around somewhere, like the 8 on my futon. Or the hook I just got today for free. Or the hooks I haven't bought yet. Oh, yeah, not counting the hooks in the eyeglass holders that I use as hook holders, I think I have 2 or 3 of them filled with hooks. And this is just crochet hooks folks. I have about 4 vases filled with knitting nFree Image Hosting at <a href=eedles, and I think 3 coffee cans, or was that 4? Oh, yeah, I forgot the cans in my bedroom, that's just the living room!! And that's not counting circ needles, needles with WIPs...

But, that's besides the point. I don't have a yellow hook holder. My gauge was a bit off, so it's a rather bigger than it should be hook holder:

Free Image Hosting at <a href=

yard sales in Rutland

Well, even in the rain, we went to the town wide yard sale in Rutland. And even in the rain, we had a blast, even though Jon only came home with 4 little matchbox cars. I came home with one free G crochet hook, a bird feeder for Zorro, a Dinosaurs video, and... drumroll please.... 11 sweaters... 2 from Goodwill, 1 from Salvation army, but 8 from Rutland. I got:

(NOTE: this is more for my future knowledge than anyone else's. But hey if anyone else is interested, be my guest & read!!)

one olive green Karen Scott Petites large 100% cotton cardigan sweater, pd $2 & the first sweater of the day!

L women's petite Lands' End sweater in a pinky salmon, $2 second sweater of the day! Same yard sale as first sweater. She also had a wool sweater, but the condition was only so-so, so I passed

S Fashion Bug 55% ramie, 45% cotton faire aisle type sweater, main color is a tweedy lt brown, with purples & blues in the design, $2

this one was a maybe - a M Tiara Int'l sweater, striped colors, 55% ramie, 45% cotton, with a small hole. red, dark gray, brown, and purple - definitely an ugly sweater knitted as is! I was definitely debating, for for $1- I decided to go for it. I am falling in love with ramie/cotton blends which is why I decided to buy.

one of my fav's of the day - a dark gray, size 12 Old Navy sweater, 77% cotton, 23% wool, I think it's about a sport weight. DH's not a huge wool fan, so this will end up something for him. $1

Old Navy large 100% lambwool sweater in a beautiful light orange shade (I so love orange), looks about a DK weight $1

Free Image Hosting at <a href=L Kenji 95% lambwool, 5% nylon sweater cardigan , rusty orange in color, incl 4 buttons on each sleeve. I'm a little nervous about frogging this one with all the buttons, but it was $1 - worse comes to worse, the buttons are worth the price & it's ORANGE!! and wool! How can one go wrong?

a ribbed S Old Navy red ribbed sweater, with a bit of stripes across the chest - dark navy, white, and gray, 100% cotton for $1. After I bought it, I realized how tiny this sweater is - really small. Not sure if it's even an adult sized sweater, but it looks too big to be a kid's sweater, so maybe it's just a really small small!

men's large Lands End olive green (slightly different shade than above) 100% cotton, $2.50 Goodwill (50% off of normal $5 price)

men's tan/lt brown ribbed Express sweater, L, 100% cotton, $2.50 Goodwill

women's burgandy red LL Bean M cabled sweater$1.99 Salvation Army

Friday, April 22, 2005

honeymoon progress pic, Zorro

Here's the s-l-o-w progress on honeymoon:

Free Image Hosting at <a href=

and a closeup:
Free Image Hosting at <a href=

And here's Zorro:

Free Image Hosting at <a href=Free Image Hosting at <a href=

Thursday, April 21, 2005

recyling sweaters, dying yarn, knitting

Let's see, it's been a bit since I've posted what I've done, craft wise.

I finished the last of the sweaters - I really love the last cotton one I did. It has a bit of rayon to it & it's super shiny. I have just about 14 oz of it! The wool sweater was a fingering weight 100% "lambswool" that I think will end up socks or mittens. I spent a good chunk of yesterday dying it to create stripes. The yarn was a light blue to begin with so I wasn't sure how it would come out. I used easter egg dye this time. The first batch came out a bit weird because I ran out of purple dye & when I went to make more I realized I ran out of vinegar, so I made more purple dye & tried to mix it in with the dye that was already on the skein... so it came out pink & purple for one side of the very very big skein, and I left it natural blue on the other. My second skein (each skein was about 80-90 grams, and I have about 200 grams of plain blue that I didn't dye for heels/toes/ribbing/whatever) I made into another huge skein - like 30 feet long!! And divided into 3 sections: one was dyed green, one was dyed blue, and the third was left undyed natural blue. The dyed blue came out a brighter, darker blue but all three shades look wonderful together! I can't wait to knit this up.

Let's see, in other news, I've been knitting - no crocheting at all. I've been chugging along on honeymoon - just at the work straight for 2.25 inches part, between the decreases & increases. I cast on with my cotton/acrylic magic 8 ball from those sweaters to make the cape that I posted about yesterday from Spun Off. That's moving along very fast, even though I have about 200 stitches on the cirs! I'm planning on making it only 8 or 9" long, and I think I'm at 2.5" already.

I did knit on my socknitters sock swap partner's socks a bit today, for about 15 minutes before I went on my job interview.

Let's see, what else? Oh, I saved the best for last. I taught DH this AM to knit! He can't make slip knots to save his life, he can't cast on to save his life, but, I must say, he knits rather well. Loose, and very unsure of himself but, he knits! I am so proud, and i hope he keeps it up. Suggestions from anyone on manly beginner knitting projects? I was thinking of having him make these:

He wants to try socks eventually. It would be great if he did, so I can stop knitting socks, especially now that I'm knitting other things besides socks!

Let's see, the rainbow swap will be starting May 1st, that's exciting. I joined a Wish Swap at, that's a lot of fun. I'm making something my partner wants, and someone else is making me something I want! I sent her a few links of some things I really like online, I can't wait!! What a fun swap!

And let's see... I keep saying that, don't I? I think that's it for this time. Maybe.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

magic 8 ball knitting/crocheting

Magic 8 ball knitting/crocheting: - this site explains a "PLANNED" 8 ball. I prefer to use scraps of similiar fiber/color. It always took me a while to build up a ball big enough to actually do something with, until I started unraveling/recycling sweaters. You always get bits from your sweater not long enough to do anything else with, so I've been putting them into 8 balls. My first sweater was taken apart in a lot LOT of little balls because one of the strands of yarn kept breaking. The whole sweater is a giant 8 ball!

Here's a discussion on 8 ball knitting, including the scrap version:

Ideas of what to make using an 8 ball:

Photo of a capelet made magic 8 ball:

A different knitted capelet (this one is more of a poncho) with article on odd ball knitting:

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

my most recent pair of CIC socks

Ignore the yarn ends I haven't woven in yet:

Free Image Hosting at <a href=

thrifting, auctions, recyled yarn, and the honeymoon cami

Saturday we went yard saling/thrifting. Nothing good at all from the yard sales except for another pot for my plants & a couple of frames. At Salvation Army I picked up 3 cotton/acrylic blends, incredibly soft which is why I bought them. I only looked at sweaters 50% off, so I got the 3 of them for $6 total. Not great, but not bad either.

We hit Goodwill afterwards, and again we only looked at the 50% off sweaters. Found a lot of maybe's - not sure the condition of the wool was that good, starting to felt here and there in places, small holes, etc etc etc., but did decide upon one 100% wool sweater. Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usSaturday night I frogged my favorite of the 3 sweaters, and messed up a bit cutting apart the seams, so only ended up with about 350 grams of usable yarn. The longer bits & pieces went into a magic 8 ball. Sunday I worked on the second sweater, this time I didn't cut apart the seams, but pulled out the little thread. Much faster, much easier, and I managed to get a lot more yarn - I think something like 550 grams, Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usbut I forgot offhand how much. Little bits went into a magic 8 ball again. The yarn from the second sweater is going to be:

the honeymoon cami!

I joined the KAL last week, not really sure what yarn I was going to use but thinking of using the cheap Lily Sugar & Cream or LB kitchen cotton yarn. Not really soft or fun to work with yarn. After frogging the sweater it was easy to decide what I'd do with it, and the cami has begun! I did different ribbing - I knit really weird (sort of European and sort of like I'm crocheting) and I'm a very slow knitter to boot, so twisted knitting doesn't work for me because my stitches are backwards from the normal person. It works for me that's all I can say. Image Hosted by

Sunday we went to a field auction. Didn't get any sweaters (none! No sweaters at all, let alone free sweaters), did bid on some patterns but was out bid (a little greedy woman bid on ALL the lots of patterns, and outbid the other lady who was trying to get some, too. We both asked her if she'd mind us buying just a couple things off of her, but nope, she wanted them all! How rude, not sharing! LOL Though if I had won, I wouldn't want to share, but I would.) I did get some vintage 1970 Mc Call's needlework mags for $1 - they were mixed up in a lot of stuff, the woman didn't want them so I gave her a $1 for the stack. They are in incredibly bad shape, they are falling apart, some have water damage, falling out pages, missing pages, etc. but the patterns are incredible! If I ever update my website, man, what groovy far out patterns I'll have to add!

I also now am the proud owner of a button (look left), joined 2 new webrings - thrifty knits & hip hooks, and joined the summer KAL since I have some cotton yarn to play with now. I don't know why the graphic wasn't working - after multiple tries, I gave up & just added the text link for now.

Friday, April 15, 2005

what I did today - the yellow green bag

This is what I did today. I'm not sure I like it. The pattern came from - the hobo backpack. I converted it to a shoulder bag/messager bag style, only included one side pocket, and made it slightly bigger than the original pattern. I like it, but the top flap is way, way too short/small. And my handle/strap is way, way too long, so I'm going to take it apart & re do it, I think.

A close up: Free Image Hosting at

You can see a bit more of it here: Free Image Hosting at

Self-striping Yarn

Have you seen this? Dye your own self striping yarn!

Self-striping Yarn

finished summer cotton top

Free Image Hosting at**edited to add photos**)
Free Image Hosting at

Well, I finished my summer cotton crocheted tank top! It's not quite what I've been visualizing these past few months, but, it's pretty cute, and fits much, much better than previous versions.

And once again, I packed away an afghan before taking photos of it. The scrap pink afghan is now in my trunk on the side of my bed. Since I have my crafty cubes on top of said trunk, the afghan is staying in there until the fall when all my afghans come out again. My bed looks so lonely - only one afghan on top!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI worked on frogging that sweater like mad yesterday. Overall, not a bad first recycling yarn project, but I'm glad I didn't pay money for it. I got a lot of little balls - none bigger than 50 grams, and most under 10 grams. I had a ton of little ends, which I was going to toss, but then I got a lightbulb idea - I'd magic ball it. So, I have one magic 8 ball and a ton of little balls. I'll weigh & count totals later. Of course I always say later and then forget!

Still working on the plastic bag project. I have blue walmart bags (very cheap, and break very easy), brown Shaw's bags, white Brook's pharmacy bags & a couple from other assorted stores that I can't remember off hand, and yellow Price Chopper bags.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

list of FO's, recyling yarn project, CIC socks

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usImage Hosted by**edited to add photos**) It's been a bit since I've updated. Let's see. I finished the pinks scrap afghan. It's pink. That's all I can say for it. It was a fun pattern. I'll have to find the link, but it was a project linus afghan pattern found under the free patterns section at JPF fun crochet club, whatever that site is.

I've been also working on some crocheted tops, without much luck. I'm using cotton in my stash, that I need to use up. Basic LB cotton, Lily's sugar & cream type of stuff. I've been doing a lot of frogging. I mean, a lot of frogging.

Still haven't touched the pillowghan.

I need to finish up another pair of CIC socks. I need to work on socks for my sock swap partner. I did manage to send my bookmark out to my bookmark partner & I did manage to send the blue/white tote bag (pic shown earlier) as my JIC out to Grace. I believe the next swap starts in May, so that needs to get out ASAP so I can be in the next round. I still need to make my 2 12" rose/burgandy squares to my other swap partner.

The green/white square swap, which I forgot I was even in, has been postponed to August. Thank God, as I didn't know I signed up for it. I remember sending an email saying I was interested in it, but I don't remember actually saying I wanted to be in it. I'm addicted to squares, what can I say, I sign up for things without even being aware of it. I have a ton of rainbow squares done other than the black border. I don't know how many I have done, but I bet I have enough for the swap. It's only 1 square per person, after all, and I can't see more than 40 people signing up. I must have close to 40 squares, though a few aren't quite 10" yet (or technically, I'm making them between 9-9.5", with the border they''ll be 10").

Let's see. What else? I've joined a couple kal lately. I'm in the cutting stage of some plastic bags, and I'm planning on making something out of those. Not sure what yet. Maybe another little hold all basket for the side of my bed. Always need more of those. I figure that's pretty recyling :) reusing, what ever.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usAnd after cleaning out my closet this AM, I decided I'm going to attend to frog a sweater my dad gave me years & years ago. I think I was in junior high. So we are talking, um, I don't want to admit how many years ago. Let's just say over 15. I haven't worn the sweater in years and years and years... it's got a huge turtleneck which is supposed to be off the shoulder, and it's got pearls in said turtleneck. It's so 80's and so not me. But, my dad gave it to me one Christmas. Rarely does he ever pick something out for me - it's always my mom. Sometimes my dad will be there when she buys said item, but usually not unless it's a yard sale/auction gift (my favorite, other than yarn!). Anyways, since it's so rare that he picks something out for me, and I'm such a daddy's girl, I have never donated the sweater anywhere for memory's sake. But, I decided that I should recycle the yarn. It's 45% ramie, 39% acrylic, 16% cotton. I didn't know a lot about ramie, so went online to do research. Seems ramie's a natural fiber, a tough fiber, and supposedly pretty cool to wear in the summer. I'm not so thrilled about the acrylic, but I'm thinking of frogging this baby up. So, I joined the rekal KAL. I'm just waiting for it to be final.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

blue and white cotton bag

This is the photo of the blue & white cotton bag from "Trendsetting Totes" by ASN. I was planning on giving the brown bags away for a swap via crochetlist, but since they felted so small, I decided to make this instead. The bead's a vintage wooden bead.

Free Image Hosting at

purple afghan

Here's the finished purple afghan, as modeled by Zorro. Free Image Hosting at

And a close up:Free Image Hosting at

Made with a J hook (I crochet tightly) & a variation of the shell stitch as found in a vintage crochet stitch book from the library :). Used only about 1.5 pounds of yarn and this afghan is fairly large!

fabulous felted bags part two

If blogger doesn't eat my post! I'll be happy when that recover feature actually works!

After checking the bags multiple times while washing, I finally let them go through the full wash cycle. After it finished, I was quite surprised by how much they actually felted. I've felted bags in warm water, not hot before, and what a difference the temp really does make!

After felting measurements:

All bags made with a J hook (I read somewhere you are supposed to have a loose knitting gauge when planning on felting, so why not crocheting??)

Rectangle Bag: Bottom width: 5" Top width: 4.25"
Height: 9.5" (i.e. it felted HIGHER!!)

Image Hosted by

Chain desired length for bag. Sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in every chain around. SC in cont rounds for desired height. Fold bag flat, find the middle spot where your drawstring will go & mark space. Sc around, ch 2 at your marker, and skip sc. SC around for 2 more rows, making 2 sc in your ch 2 space. Sl st in last sc, end off, weave in ends. Ch HALF of desired length of drawstring, sl stitch inside of bag on opposite side of ch 2 space, ch finished desired length.

strap: Sl st on side of bag, ch desired size. Sl st on opposite side of bag, sl st in each ch across, sl stitch bag on side of bag. End off, weave in ends.

Cell Phone Bag: 2.75" wide, 6.75" high (i.e. felted higher!)

Image Hosted by (ditty bag on left, cell phone bag on right)

Ch desired length for bag. SC in 2nd ch from hook, sc in every ch around. Sc in cont rounds for desired height. Drawstring round: sc, *ch 1, skip sc, sc in next sc, rep around. Work 2 more rounds sc. Make desired drawstring.

Ditty bag: 3.66" at widest, 5" high (i.e. felted slightly higher)

ZorroFree Image Hosting at <a href= helping to take some pictures (of course)

Ch 2, 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook. 2 sc in every sc around. 2sc, 1 sc in next sc, rep around. 2 sc, 1 sc in next 2 sc, rep around. Inc in pattern until desired size, and then work even in sc for desired height.

Drawstring round: sc, *ch 1, skip sc, sc in next sc, rep around. Work 2 more rounds sc. Make desired drawstring.

Mini drawstring bag: 4" wide, 8.5" high (you guessed it... felted higher)

Made as for ditty bag, but drawstring round is dc, ch 1 around. Drawstring is made same, but sc across, instead of sl stitch across.

It's quite bizarre how the bags all got taller, but shrunk width wise.

This is the kool aide dyed felted bag - the first one I made. I washed in warm water the first time & it definitely felted, but didn't become quite as solid as the second washing in hot water.
Free Image Hosting at

Saturday, April 09, 2005

felted bags part one

Felted bags part one: I took vintage Lion Brand heathered wool yarn, 2 2 oz skeins, and made up a few bags. I didn't write down directions but I'll post what I did later on. They are currently being felted. I didn't scan all 4 bags, but here is a photo of the last 3 bags I made:

Free Image Hosting at

Pre-felted measurements:

Rectangle bag: 6.5" wide, 8.75" high

Cell Phone bag: 3.75" wide, 6" high

Diddy Bag: 4.75" at widest point, 4.75" high

Mini Drawstring Bag: 5.75" wide 7.25" high

I didn't take any photos of my other wool bag I made out of kool aide dye pre-felting, but I'm felting it for the second time right now. I'll take photos and write up rough directions for that bag later on, too.

Thursday, April 07, 2005


Well, I finished the granny square afghan out of some of the grannies my grandma gave me. Notice the key word some! As a matter of fact, today I managed to make a small lap 'ghan out of some of the multi colored five round squares that I had leftover from the bigger afghan using solids & multi squares. (**edited post** I packed the afghans away for the summer before I took pictures, so guess what?? No pictures!)

And I managed to scan the wool baby booties I crocheted for CIC that look more like toddler socks:

Free Image Hosting at

(**EDITED** What I didn't say was what yarn I used. They are made out of leftovers from a bag I made that I felted. I used Lion Brand's Fisherman Wool, bought at Michael's with a 40% off coupon and kool aide dyed. The purple is with kool aide, I should say, the other yarn was dyed with food coloring/vinager.)

And here's a knitted pair for CIC
Free Image Hosting at

(**edited** The yarn I got for just the price of shipping from a socknitters friend, as long as I used the yarn for CIC. The bit of purple stripes was that same kool aide dyed yarn.)

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

current WIPs

I know, it's not WIP Wednesday, but, I'm feeling overwhelmed with my list of WIP's. Big change from last week:

red & black pillowghan, still untouched

purple charity afghan - just about 2 skeins into it or a pound or so

granny squares from grandma! Started putting some of the squares I've been finishing off together today. I'm putting them together 2 by 2, then adding a small border, and then adding the bigger blocks together. The 2 by 2 are joined by sc, ch 3, sc in next sp etc. The bigger blocks are joined as I go, all in pale pink yarn

Let's see: then there's socks for CIC, the blue black crok socks, the spring pastel socks from knitpicks, the spiral stashbuster socks from last month's 6 sox KAL, then I have a pair of autumn stripes socks with black heels & toes, and in the works is a pair for my sock buddy through socknitters (hi, Ruth if you are reading this!!)

granny square mags

I don't have these issues! Wah!

Free Image Hosting at

Glorious crocheted squares!!

Free Image Hosting at

Crocheted Inspiration

Various photos of stuff I want to make, just photos no patterns!!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

knitted sock photos FO

Some of the socks I've made, in order from when I've made them (roughly) not counting ones I haven't photographed, of course!!

broadripples - last summer - one pair for me, one for my hubby, as part of the broadripple knitalong. I used the elann version of cascade fixation.

Free Image Hosting at

Two blue socks I made: one from sockotta (on left) in 2 by 2 rib all the way from my toes on up. The other one was forgotten yarn... came out a little tight.

Free Image Hosting at

another pair of stretchy cotton socks - yarn kit from (sock of the month club) very fast, easy, fun knit! I love stripes!

Free Image Hosting at

Magic Stripes, #1 - my new favorite pair of socks!! They fit wonderfully! Made on #2 needles

Free Image Hosting at

April 2005 CIC children's socks:
(these do have mates, they just aren't shown) Top is 2 by 2 ribbing, bottom right is a simple yo lace pattern, bottom left has a bit of lighter green in it that's scrap from another project

momentous decision

I've decided to combine my knitting & crocheting blog into one. I never post in my knitting one, anyways!