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Now that it's after Christmas, I need to get going on my KAL's & WIP's & charity knitting. My current list of WIPs include 6 pairs of socks for Jon & I, a half forgotten fair isle sweater for me, and I think that's it. Oh, and Adrienne's crocheted newsboy cap that I still have to finish - I gave my mom a twin of it for Christmas.

http://pixiepurls.com/archives/2005/10/solid_socks_alo.html - the solid socks KAL. I'm knitting a pair of baby cable, olive green socks in ww. I don't think I've knitted any other solid socks in the last few months, which is ironic because I love solid socks!

socknitting KAL - I'm in the six sock KAL & finished a pair of mosaic socks following the pattern, after the deadline. Not sure I'll do the shadow socks. I'm in the kotr kal, the socknitters sam kal (I'm co-mod of that group, actually) & we're doing toe up socks starting in jan. Since all I knit are toe up's.... I'm also in the socks socks socks knitalong, mod of that group, too. I'm missing a few. I need to figure out what all the groups are doing & get cracking.

thank you for comenting on my blog..i am glad Christmas is over, but i hold it in my heart, as its my fave time of the year...
i am getting ready to do my charity work, and need to replenish my yarn stash...i guess a trip to Joanns is in order sometime this week..:-)
Happy New year....

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