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(..edited 12/27 to include more photos) Free Image Hosting at <a href=It was a very knitterly christmas for me, I hope it was for you, too. I'll be taking photos of all the goodies I got, but that'll come later.

First, the non knit stuff:
Voyager season 3
He-Man season 1
He-Man/She-Ra christmas special
Duck Tales season 1

a photo shadow box of memoriablia of my grandmother's military life (he was the author of a poem that all the soldiers carried during WWII, see my website for more http://www.adultramblings.therapids.net), my mom gave me her mother's collection of buttons since I now collect buttons, my dad made me a turtle tee shirt (I collect turtles), my parents also made Jon & I matching tee shirts of the falcon for the falcon show we go to w/ them every year (they own a 64 ford falcon convertible; not only did the tees have our names on them, but Princess was sitting in the car!), my mom also gave me a ton of vintage crochet hooks & knitting needles & a vintage knitting bag almost identical to the one my grandmother used all her life. My grandmother gave me the wedding photo album my parents gave to her for Christmas when they got married 32 years ago. My mom also got me a Crochet World mag I needed for my collection.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usJon got me scads of wool yarn - knit picks wool of the andes & patons classic merino, 2 balls of knit picks cotton/wool/elastic, 4 balls of the solid KP sock yarn (2 cranberry, 1 ea of the two shades of blue). I also got Knitting on the Road, Sensational Knitted Socks, and the turkish sock book that I never remember the name of (fair isle type patterns). And two packages of the sock needles that have 5 needles of size 1, 0, 00, and 000. Perfect, since I'm getting into fair isle & I really need those smaller sizes for what I have (imagined) in my mind!

The photo is me at work - we drew names for Christmas, and R. got me knitting note cards & the scarf kit you see me holding. It was so slow at work the day of the party (Thursday) that my boss told me to go ahead & start knitting!

Thank you blogger for the auto recover feature, I thought I lost this post!

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