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orange socks

are done, and socks for my socknitter swap partner are almost done, I'm past the heel turn & have about 1" of each leg done.

Haven't touched the fair isle sweater at all the last couple of days, too tired.

Most of the orange socks were knitted in the car on the way down to CT for some Christmas shopping & to buy ourselves a new monitor.

I worked on the scrap red socks a bit today, a few minutes when I got to work early & a few minutes on my break.

So I'm down to just 3 WIPs right now, I feel great but a little weird.

Sat I picked up two knitting magazines, InKnitters and I forgot the other one. I liked InKnitters because it had a few articles I was interested in, not to mention patterns. I think a sweater and a skirt, I don't remember off hand. The other magazine had socks (nothing terribly original) & a few other things I was interested in, like mosaic knitting! Yeah!

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