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toe up socks pattern

This is a very basic, brief pattern of the toe up mosaic socks I'm knitting. Toe Up Slip Stitch Socks:

1 ball Opal in solid or tweed
scrap solid color (I used less than 1 oz of a vintage nylon/wool blend)
size 1 & 2 dpn (feel free to use the method you prefer)

Cast on w/ your favorite toe up method: I like the figure 8 method w/ 4 stitches on each of the 2 needles.
I make a rounded toe, but feel free to use the toe that fits you well.
Knit in each stitch for 2 rows.
Increase every stitch around, and put stitches on 4 needles (16 stitches)
Work one row even.
Increase every stitch around (32)
Work 2 rows even
Increase every other stitch around (48)
Work 3 rows even.
Increase every third stitch around (64)
Work one row even.

On instep stitches only:
(purl 1 row, knit one row) 3 times, for a total of 3 garter st ridges

Work even until heel, work favorite heel.

Work any decreases needed because of heel/gusset &/or work even for one inch.

Work one row purl stitches all the way around.

Work 3 rows even - at same time, switch to size 2 needles (gauge in mosaic knitting is usually tighter, switching to larger needles usually helps w/ this) & if needed, increase or decrease number of stitches needed for mosaic chart.

I used the very first pattern in the book "Slip Stitch Knitting" on 66 stitches.

Switch to CC & work mosaic chart.

After mosaic chart, work 3 rows even, 1 row of purl stitches, work 1 inch even, and work desired ribbing. I did 2 by 2 ribbing for about an inch or so.

End off, weave in ends, and make matching pair!

**editted* added photos

Oh my goodness! I got your package of sock yarn scraps, and I am so excited to get started mixing and matching the different colors. Thank you so much - I'll be sure to post about it tomorrow :)

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