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sock contest

I haven't forgotten that today is the deadline for my scrap sock contest -- real world has gotten in my way! I wanted to pick winners this morning but didn't have time - then I said that I would at work, and work was INSANE - so, I'll get to it tonight, I HOPE.... if not, I will just have to draw a winner on Tuesday morning! So, in the meantime, go put in an entry, you still have time!

i'll never figure out technology. I just sent you an email because I could not figure out how to leave a comment. So how this worked is beyond my measley comprehension.

I knit freeform flowers with scraps of yarn. They are challenging to form, each one evolving on its own. Whenever I tire of counting stitches or following a pattern, I pull out the flowers and just knit. It's therapeutic and relaxing. Best of all, it's instant gratificatioin.

One day, I will link them together, perhaps with swirls of knitted swatches, and make a throw or a wall hanging. I emailed you pics as I could never manage to post pics on your blog. I can barely do it on my own blog.

Happy knitting and crocheting,
janet dennie

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