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Trying to get back into the habit of posting more often. Trying, anyways.

Just got home from work. Today was a good day, busy, but not overwhelming. Next two days will be tough.

While cleaning out the yarn closet/the office, I discovered another knitting WIP - another pair of socks in a KnitPicks merino sock yarn. I almost cried. I thought I was controlling myself w/ only a few pairs of (socks for me) socks going. And, I found one more.

So, after much cursing, I started knitting them. I had just the toes done & I had started a broadripple. I had no desires to knit another pair of broadripples when I already have a pair for Jon on the needles & a feather & fan pair for me. They are all too similiar. So, I frogged back the few rows of broadripple pattern & played around w/ a few patterns. I'm knitting a lace pattern from one of the Folk books by Nancy Bush - not the sock one, but the Folk Knitting book that also has mittens in it. I didn't really pay attention to where I put the lace, so it's different then how she has it, but it's still cool. The lace is definitely lost in the colors of the yarn, but honestly, I just couldn't bear to knit more plain st st socks, so I don't really care if the lace doesn't show as well as it could. They'll be unique. That's what counts.

Started working on the garter stich border for the shawl - i cast on 15 stitches w/ scrap yarn & I'm knitting a row, eliminating a stitch every round, instead of doing a bind off. As in EZ's books. I can't explain it, but if you are an EZ fan you'll know what I mean, I'm sure. I have barely touched the 576 stitches to do... I'm bored w/ it. It'll be smaller than originally planned, but I still think it'll be big enough, & it's getting expensive for a small "cheap" project. I think it'll end up 5 balls of Knit Picks sock merino yarn. And considering I bought 2 balls the first time (w/ other stuff to fill a $30 order) and then ordered 2 more balls (again, w/ more stuff) and then just ordered one last ball to be on the safe side, and filled the order w/ other stuff, it's getting to be one expensive shawl.