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finished socks

I'm on a roll. I have FO's to report! Yeah!

Finished Jon's broadripple socks today, made w/ Magic Stripes, size 2 needles, 64 stitches, toe up w/ 8" cuffs.

Finished Sunday: fair isle socks, toe up, size 2 needles. Foot was 48 stitches, toes were 100% tapestry wool bought at a yard sale a couple months ago (deliberately mismatched) body of sock is a vintage 50% nylon, 50% acrylic yarn, one heel was leftover dyed recycled 100% lambswool, the other tapestry yarn; leg was a fair isle pattern on 56 stitches, pattern changed from the big book of knit socks, one of those leaflet type books found at Michaels or AC Moore. It was the scrap socks, but I changed the fair isle to use 2 colors every round, not 3 in some rounds as in the actual pattern.

Also finished the shawl made w/ KnitPicks sock yarn. It ended up being a little small, because I got sick of knitting it. It's sort of blocking now. I didn't have any pins, so I just washed it & laid it out flat. I'm hoping it'll block at least a little bigger this way so I have some idea of size, until I can get pins to block it right. I'm guessing it'll be about 45" across. How much do you want to bet Zorro is sleeping on it as we speak?
(edited to add...)
I also finished up the KnitPicks merino socks, It hink I might have already mentioned it. And I worked on the Opal socks, made w/ a blue-green tweed, that's being knit up w/ a German sock pattern from the German socknitting list. And I spent Sat & Sun doing some dying, mostly worstened weight yarn for CIC fair isle socks. I am so loving fair isle right now. I'm just practicing, so to speak. Some stitches end up loose; I'm still trying to figure out how to make everything look neat & perfect, still have some give, w/o horribly long floats.