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contest for scrap sock yarn

I decided to have two different, but sock related contests. One will run now until, say, Halloween. The next will run next month, so stay tuned!

My first ever contest will be:

scrap sock yarn

Please post a message giving your favorite way (s) to use up your leftover, scrap sock yarn (does not have to be used in a sock). Please post links &/or details &/or share photos. We all have leftovers & right now, I'm swimming in them & stumped to come up w/ new ways of using them, especially the leftover patterned stuff. I've done the Crazy 8's pattern, I've done fair isle, I've done mosaic, I've done stripes, I've added a solid for the main sock, I've done the feather & fan socks using a solid for the foot & leg. I've made regular feather & fan/broadripple socks just changing yarns as I've run out. I think I've used every idea there is: please suggestion something new!

There will be two winners:
1. whoever suggests the most "unique-to-me" idea
2. a winner chosen at random

Each winner will get their choice of either
a. a 100 gram skein of fingering weight merino sock yarn, dyed in your choice of Kool Aide colors, in either stripes, painted, or whatever you want.


b. 100 grams of scrap sock yarn

I have a thing for felting, so I would say, design a purse and felt it.
I don't know what colors you have, but maybe fair isle it, or stripe it. Make it funky. Do an i-cord handle. Keep it, gift it, just have fun. (I'd recommend the booga bag pattern to go by if you're just going to stripe it)

If you have orange, make a tiny pumpkin like done in knitty.

Knit tiny sachets for gifts or for yourself. Knit stockinette rectangle to desired size, fold, seam the bottom and side (or sides - however you fold it) fill with cedar or lavander, sew shut and throw in with all those handmade socks. Cedar will keep the moths away.

I'll be back with more thoughts! :)

Since we're talking sock yarn, here's what comes to mind:
Fingerless gloves
Regular gloves
Sachet bags
Modular Scarves
Drawstring Bag
Baby Sweater

BTW, there is a book called Not Just Socks you might really like!

And BTW, since you only allow Blogger comments, I had to sign in with an account I never use.

Dani (<-- you can click there to go to my blog)

Well for small amounts of leftover sock yarn, I will save it to use as a contrasting toe or heel on another pair of socks, and of course it is always useful for baby socks and little baby mittens. I have also used it to make little cat toys, a hacky sack type thing, a little secret tampon holder pouch :), egg cozies, finger puppets, and a little container for my contact lense case when traveling.

I use my scrap yarn to make little knit dolls for children's charities.

I have a huge bag full of different yarns of all amounts and colors. I don't have a picture of one of the hats, but I knit hats and use the scrap yarn to tie different colors on the hat. I know it is hard to picture, but imgaine different colored ties throughout the hat. Then I donate them to cancer centers for people who have lost their hair. That is one thing I do....the other is I use longer scraps to knit in to toys for my bird. If they are about half a skien, I make my bird little tube tops, since she plucks her feathers and gets cold during the winter sometimes. I've also used scrap yarn tied together in loops as a decorative chain on a Christmas tree. I also save scraps to take over to my Mother's house and we use them as decorative ties on homemade greeting cards. Then there are the usual uses, like as stitch markers and such, but I think you meant fun uses :) There are so many uses, and I save every little tiny bit.

I like to use scrap sock yarn to make not only baby booties and gloves but baby hats. I also took some coordinating colors mixed with a solid 'in common' color and made adult caps (chemo patients LOVED them).

You can also make cell phone holders or little purses for little girls. Make long rectangles, fold over 2/3 of the way and seam the sides. The remaining third would be the flap. Add a pretty button and voila instant change purse or (in a larger version with an attached strap) the little girls purse I was mentioning before.

You could knit or crochet lots of the little flower things and felt them for use on christmas packages and hats and bags too.I had to use an account that I never use too. Here is my blog.


You know. I saw a knitted mat for a photo and thought that would be really neat to do. So you could knit mats for photos or pictures (small ones!)

Also you could use them in intarsia designs. Paired with a solid colour making circles or squares of colour on any object really sweater hat purse etc.. The self striping or patterning sock yarns make for interesting windows of colour that way! And one of a kind peices!

Also not a blogger blogger..

Not very original, I'm afraid, but I like to use scraps to knit heels and toes. Also good for making catnip mice!

Assuming you have enough, here's a sweater pattern for leftover sock yarn: http://www.rjconklin.com/sweaters.htm
Jenifer in Colorado

For feltable sock yarn, a bag with stripes of different colored yarn would be great. You wouldn't have to weave in tons of ends (just trim after felting) and you could get an effect like a Booga Bag with all your scraps.

For non-feltable scraps - iPod cozy!

I use leftover yarn to make fish:

everyone had awesome ideas alot of the obvious of course but I'll add some the knee high socks done from scraps and amelet bags with long icord draw string handles, friendship bracelets anklets, necklaces, to make buttons or cover old buttons hairbraids, small gift bags for putting jelewrly in small notions, stitch markers, bookmarks. Have fun using scraps and good luck with your contests. Happy knitting!

My favourite way to use up extra sock yarn (especially if it's a soft wool) is Preemie baby caps... I quite often have just enough for one or two after I finish my multiple pairs of socks.

And if I've got too much for two preemie caps, then I knit my mom ankle socks because she's obsessed with them.


Self patterning sock yarn is my favorite. I like to mix it up with a bit of solid sock yarn.

Here are some ideas that come to mind...

--How about a multi-color garter belt? With some blue in it of course.

--As coordinated accents on Girl and Doll matching knit outfits.

--Knitter's fish afghan. A similar pattern is on-line. What a great stash buster.

--Men's ties knit from the center out. Or even diagonally.

--Domino knitting a hot water bottle cozy.

--Shadow knitting? Not sure if that would work.

--Treat yourself to a neck rest cover. Slip it over an inflatable neck rest during a long air flight or train ride. No waking up to a neck cramp.

--Switcharoo toddler socks. First sock, use color A as main color, color B on heels and toes. For the second sock switch the colors so color B is the main color.

--Let a child pull oddballs from a bag before knitting the sweater/ cardigan/blanket/doll etc. She/he will love it since she/he picked out the colors. I know my kids are proud of the item even if they didn't make it. :-)

--doll clothes is obvious. How about doll mitered: blanket, curtains, bed canopy, wash cloth and rug (inspired by full size mitered rug, free pattern at Interweave Knits)

--Doll hammock

--Mitered Heart Sachet by Vicki Sever (free pattern at Interweave Knits)

--Ski headband or ski hat (lined with fleece, velcro fastener)

--Helmet liner

--Fiesta Tea set by Annie Modesitt (free pattern at Interweave Knits)

--Knits for donation to babies and children.


oooh I am silly! There is always the thing that I am planning to make with my leftover sock yarn! Book marks and earrings!
Mini sock ones of course!
The book mark will have two mini socks on each end and an I cord or crochet chain between them to make the part that goes in the book!

Or mini sock earrings!!

Oh yeah the other thing I thought of was to make drink coasters with it! They would make nice ones don't you think?

When I do have scraps, I like running them along with worsted weight for making vests for CIC. It brings a little added color and interest to them.

I am in the process of slowly making a lap robe or baby blanket or other such object out of leftover sock yarn. I am doing mitered squares on size 2 needles, with 13 squares on each row. I sort of have a diagonal pattern going, but some of my scraps don't have enough yarn to do 13 squares, so it will be quite imperfect. In any case, it is fun to make the squares out of self-striping sock yarn, and the occasional solid or heather adds punch. I'm not done, and I haven't taken a picture of the work in progress, but people are really impressed with it so far (I am on row 7). When I finish a pair of socks, I put the leftover yarn in the bag with the in-progress blanket, for future rows.

One problem is I had a rash of booties to make, so some of my stash has diminished amounts. I love the pattern in the 2006 Knitting Pattern a Day calendar on March 4-5. Sock yarn makes VERY happy booties.

This is somewhat random, but I just took a bunch of Opal Tiger yarn that I had leftover, and made a really long i-cord and I'm using it to tie a bow on a b-day present for my partner...his birthday is today (halloween!).

I use up my scraps by making striped socks but I use black between the stripes and for the heels and toes. I knit 2 socks at once so they match and have done them using all variegated yarns or all solids. The black really sets off the colors and doesn't let them all blend together.

Boring but true... I use leftovers to make socks for my toddler. Store-bought toddler socks suck, and she loves the funky stripes and patterns from leftover sock yarns!

Right now I'm using scrap sock yarn to embellish squares on a funky afghan I'm making. (Where "funky" is the diplomatic term.) These squares use leftover sock yarn:





And here's a page where I'm playing with the layout of my afghan:


The other thing I did to use up a bunch of sock yarn was I made "toe socks" for my grandma: socks that only covered her toes, which her compression stockings left exposed. She loves them. They're held on by an elastic that goes around the heel.

I'm sure I missed the deadline, but I wanted to give you a couple of links anyway.
http://www.interweave.com/knit/interweave_knits/web_projects/Heart_Sachet.pdf for a heart sachet
http://www.beeskneesknits.ca/ for toddler sweaters

I haven't knit anything yet from my scrap sock yarn as I haven't been knitting socks long enough to have much scrap. but, what I have decided to knit ... and will most likely start when I get my DH's socks done ... is a little blanket to cover my lap with out of all the odds and ends.

I have been wanting to try using up left over sock yarns by making them alturnating stripes with black yarn. I saw a pic of someone who had don't that and really liked the way it looked. Using your favorite simple sock pattern, knit a few rows with the leftovers, then a few rows of black and repeat. I just love the way black looks with varigated thread/yarn! Good luck finding a project!

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