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our computer definitely got frozen this weekend - we think it got hit by lightening, but it may be a virus! We haven't a clue, but our graphics/colors are all messed up.

In other news, I got my scrap sock swap in the mail yesterday! Great yarn goodies.... I wish I could share but I don't dare post any pics until I figure out what's messing w/ our computer. I'm already knitting socks w/ some of the yarn - a solid blue & a solid white from the swap is getting mixed in w/ some yarn I dyed myself a while ago (pics on the blog somewhere) - self striping in blues, oranges, green, I don't know what else. I only dyed 50 grams of this.

Then I'm adding some leftover blue tweed Opal socks from the mosaic socks I just finished, and knitting these (Oh, crap, I can't think of it now! They were a six socks pattern a while ago.... when you use 3 colors at once....). I'm using the tweed, the self-patterning I dyed, and the blue on one, and then the white on the other, and then after a while, whenever I get bored or think of it, I'll switch the white & blue.... so they should be funky socks.

I thought it was ironic as one of the balls of scrap yarn I got in the swap was magic stripes in the blue/green/white/brown colorway - I just finished knitting broadripples for Jon w/ that yarn! I have a ton of leftovers, esp. since I got sick of knitting the colorway & decided that I didn't want (anytime soon, anyways) socks for myself out of the yarn. So all total I think I have around 200 grams of this yarn, though I have to weigh it, I'm just guessing. It might be more like 180.... anyways.... I want to try to swap this yarn w/ someone, is anyone interested???? Otherwise maybe a winner of my scrap sock contest will end up w/ some of it....

oh no! I did look through your blog to see if I could find pictures of what you liked, not realizing that the magic stripe socks you were referring to where that colorway! oops!

I'm glad the yarn arrived safely and must say that I'm impressed it's already in use!

If you still have the extra scrap yarn. I'd like to arrange a swap.


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