Monday, October 31, 2005

sock contest

I haven't forgotten that today is the deadline for my scrap sock contest -- real world has gotten in my way! I wanted to pick winners this morning but didn't have time - then I said that I would at work, and work was INSANE - so, I'll get to it tonight, I HOPE.... if not, I will just have to draw a winner on Tuesday morning! So, in the meantime, go put in an entry, you still have time!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

good news, and bad news

the good news is....

We know what's wrong w/ our computer... we borrowed my mom's monitor, lo & behold colors are normal again....

the bad news is, now we need to buy a monitor!

but the good news is, we don't have to buy a whole new computer!!

LOL Not much knitting news to report. I worked on the sport weight socks for a bit, each sock is about 4" of the foot done.

Worked on the scrap red socks, they are moving along slowly, I'm probably about 3" done each foot on those.

I also have my beautiful ribbed lace socks done out of greens/gray - I only work on them when I get to work a few minutes early or on break, but lately I've been reading at breaktime (reading Tunnel in the Sky by Robert Heinlein)

Don't forget my scrap sock contest!!

Friday, October 28, 2005


well, the scrap socks I made I frogged - I didn't like how the colors were working at all. The blue tweed totally blended in w/ the green from the striped sock yarn I dyed & just didn't show off the colors well at all. So, that's scrapped.

So, instead I started another pair of scrap socks in reds again, using some yarn from the swap, and I started another pair using up more yarn from the swap. I thought it was maybe a DK or sport weight, so I'm combining it w/ some odd 50 gram balls in my stash.... I think it'll look already. I'm using size 2 needles but it's coming out pretty thick, actually - so I think for the scrap yarn (which is a little thinner than my stash yarn) I might actually go down to a size 1, inc. number of stitches & just use it for a section of my leg.... maybe.... I'll play.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


our computer definitely got frozen this weekend - we think it got hit by lightening, but it may be a virus! We haven't a clue, but our graphics/colors are all messed up.

In other news, I got my scrap sock swap in the mail yesterday! Great yarn goodies.... I wish I could share but I don't dare post any pics until I figure out what's messing w/ our computer. I'm already knitting socks w/ some of the yarn - a solid blue & a solid white from the swap is getting mixed in w/ some yarn I dyed myself a while ago (pics on the blog somewhere) - self striping in blues, oranges, green, I don't know what else. I only dyed 50 grams of this.

Then I'm adding some leftover blue tweed Opal socks from the mosaic socks I just finished, and knitting these (Oh, crap, I can't think of it now! They were a six socks pattern a while ago.... when you use 3 colors at once....). I'm using the tweed, the self-patterning I dyed, and the blue on one, and then the white on the other, and then after a while, whenever I get bored or think of it, I'll switch the white & blue.... so they should be funky socks.

I thought it was ironic as one of the balls of scrap yarn I got in the swap was magic stripes in the blue/green/white/brown colorway - I just finished knitting broadripples for Jon w/ that yarn! I have a ton of leftovers, esp. since I got sick of knitting the colorway & decided that I didn't want (anytime soon, anyways) socks for myself out of the yarn. So all total I think I have around 200 grams of this yarn, though I have to weigh it, I'm just guessing. It might be more like 180.... anyways.... I want to try to swap this yarn w/ someone, is anyone interested???? Otherwise maybe a winner of my scrap sock contest will end up w/ some of it....

Monday, October 24, 2005

scrap socks, cic knitting

I feel so guilty - I still haven't done any cic knitting. I love knitting kids socks & I love knitting for someone other than me, Me, ME.... but I just haven't done any. I keep knitting "just one more pair for me...."

So, today's almost FO is a pair of scrap socks in the theme of red.... solid red for heels & toes & here & there to break up the different self patterning yarns... and maybe for the ribbing, not sure yet. These are mostly done - both socks are about 6.5" or 7" above the heel turn. I thought I'd be running short, but I threw in a couple rows of solid black, and I broke up some lion brand magic stripes sock leftovers - I took out just the solid red, white, and some bits of green, and the pink/purple/blue sections are saved for another day/project/pair of socks. So that definitely gave me more yarn to play w/ so I think I'm golden.

So these are just plain toe up st st socks. After the heel turn I used two leftover yarns together, to separate colorways a bit.... look cool if I do say so myself.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

toe up socks pattern

This is a very basic, brief pattern of the toe up mosaic socks I'm knitting. Toe Up Slip Stitch Socks:

1 ball Opal in solid or tweed
scrap solid color (I used less than 1 oz of a vintage nylon/wool blend)
size 1 & 2 dpn (feel free to use the method you prefer)

Cast on w/ your favorite toe up method: I like the figure 8 method w/ 4 stitches on each of the 2 needles.
I make a rounded toe, but feel free to use the toe that fits you well.
Knit in each stitch for 2 rows.
Increase every stitch around, and put stitches on 4 needles (16 stitches)
Work one row even.
Increase every stitch around (32)
Work 2 rows even
Increase every other stitch around (48)
Work 3 rows even.
Increase every third stitch around (64)
Work one row even.

On instep stitches only:
(purl 1 row, knit one row) 3 times, for a total of 3 garter st ridges

Work even until heel, work favorite heel.

Work any decreases needed because of heel/gusset &/or work even for one inch.

Work one row purl stitches all the way around.

Work 3 rows even - at same time, switch to size 2 needles (gauge in mosaic knitting is usually tighter, switching to larger needles usually helps w/ this) & if needed, increase or decrease number of stitches needed for mosaic chart.

I used the very first pattern in the book "Slip Stitch Knitting" on 66 stitches.

Switch to CC & work mosaic chart.

After mosaic chart, work 3 rows even, 1 row of purl stitches, work 1 inch even, and work desired ribbing. I did 2 by 2 ribbing for about an inch or so.

End off, weave in ends, and make matching pair!

**editted* added photos

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

crochet pattern a day calender

Anyone else get theirs yesterday? Check out January 2, the toe up socks. That's me -- with my NAME spelled wrong!!! For crying out loud, how can they get that wrong?I also noticed some other problems w/ the pattern, one noticably bad typo (the pattern says slip stitch instead of shell stitch!!)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

contest for scrap sock yarn

I decided to have two different, but sock related contests. One will run now until, say, Halloween. The next will run next month, so stay tuned!

My first ever contest will be:

scrap sock yarn

Please post a message giving your favorite way (s) to use up your leftover, scrap sock yarn (does not have to be used in a sock). Please post links &/or details &/or share photos. We all have leftovers & right now, I'm swimming in them & stumped to come up w/ new ways of using them, especially the leftover patterned stuff. I've done the Crazy 8's pattern, I've done fair isle, I've done mosaic, I've done stripes, I've added a solid for the main sock, I've done the feather & fan socks using a solid for the foot & leg. I've made regular feather & fan/broadripple socks just changing yarns as I've run out. I think I've used every idea there is: please suggestion something new!

There will be two winners:
1. whoever suggests the most "unique-to-me" idea
2. a winner chosen at random

Each winner will get their choice of either
a. a 100 gram skein of fingering weight merino sock yarn, dyed in your choice of Kool Aide colors, in either stripes, painted, or whatever you want.


b. 100 grams of scrap sock yarn

nothing to report

Nothing to report today. I didn't get much knitting done, had an appointment which ended up being cancelled, after hanging around for half an hour. Fine w/ me, really, but it meant no real knitting time.

I did manage to watch an hour from Space Week on the history channel this morning - I'm a space & history nut. Didn't tell me anything I didn't already know, but that was okay.

I'm in the middle of turning both heels on the socks I'm knitting from one of the German socknitting patterns. It's supposedly going to look like, umm, now I can't remember what it's called, it's crochet using a large knitting needle as well. I've done the crochet version, we'll see what the knitting is like.

Monday, October 17, 2005

finished socks

I'm on a roll. I have FO's to report! Yeah!

Finished Jon's broadripple socks today, made w/ Magic Stripes, size 2 needles, 64 stitches, toe up w/ 8" cuffs.

Finished Sunday: fair isle socks, toe up, size 2 needles. Foot was 48 stitches, toes were 100% tapestry wool bought at a yard sale a couple months ago (deliberately mismatched) body of sock is a vintage 50% nylon, 50% acrylic yarn, one heel was leftover dyed recycled 100% lambswool, the other tapestry yarn; leg was a fair isle pattern on 56 stitches, pattern changed from the big book of knit socks, one of those leaflet type books found at Michaels or AC Moore. It was the scrap socks, but I changed the fair isle to use 2 colors every round, not 3 in some rounds as in the actual pattern.

Also finished the shawl made w/ KnitPicks sock yarn. It ended up being a little small, because I got sick of knitting it. It's sort of blocking now. I didn't have any pins, so I just washed it & laid it out flat. I'm hoping it'll block at least a little bigger this way so I have some idea of size, until I can get pins to block it right. I'm guessing it'll be about 45" across. How much do you want to bet Zorro is sleeping on it as we speak?
(edited to add...)
I also finished up the KnitPicks merino socks, It hink I might have already mentioned it. And I worked on the Opal socks, made w/ a blue-green tweed, that's being knit up w/ a German sock pattern from the German socknitting list. And I spent Sat & Sun doing some dying, mostly worstened weight yarn for CIC fair isle socks. I am so loving fair isle right now. I'm just practicing, so to speak. Some stitches end up loose; I'm still trying to figure out how to make everything look neat & perfect, still have some give, w/o horribly long floats.

Friday, October 14, 2005

daily post

I keep saying "I gotta post" so I'm gonna post today :).

Mostly knitted the "missing FO" socks from knitpicks. I adore how soft they are, but those colors, ugh. I keep saying "Jon picked out the yarn for you" which is true, he did, but ugh. I like the colors in & of themselves, but together? I did a lace pattern w/ them, though I screwed up & didn't center the lace pattern in the center of the foot, but did two repeats of the lace w/ straight ST ST in the middle.

Weird, I know. One more reason why I don't really like them. But when I try them on, yum.

I keep debating about frogging them, but I think I'll just leave them as is.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Trying to get back into the habit of posting more often. Trying, anyways.

Just got home from work. Today was a good day, busy, but not overwhelming. Next two days will be tough.

While cleaning out the yarn closet/the office, I discovered another knitting WIP - another pair of socks in a KnitPicks merino sock yarn. I almost cried. I thought I was controlling myself w/ only a few pairs of (socks for me) socks going. And, I found one more.

So, after much cursing, I started knitting them. I had just the toes done & I had started a broadripple. I had no desires to knit another pair of broadripples when I already have a pair for Jon on the needles & a feather & fan pair for me. They are all too similiar. So, I frogged back the few rows of broadripple pattern & played around w/ a few patterns. I'm knitting a lace pattern from one of the Folk books by Nancy Bush - not the sock one, but the Folk Knitting book that also has mittens in it. I didn't really pay attention to where I put the lace, so it's different then how she has it, but it's still cool. The lace is definitely lost in the colors of the yarn, but honestly, I just couldn't bear to knit more plain st st socks, so I don't really care if the lace doesn't show as well as it could. They'll be unique. That's what counts.

Started working on the garter stich border for the shawl - i cast on 15 stitches w/ scrap yarn & I'm knitting a row, eliminating a stitch every round, instead of doing a bind off. As in EZ's books. I can't explain it, but if you are an EZ fan you'll know what I mean, I'm sure. I have barely touched the 576 stitches to do... I'm bored w/ it. It'll be smaller than originally planned, but I still think it'll be big enough, & it's getting expensive for a small "cheap" project. I think it'll end up 5 balls of Knit Picks sock merino yarn. And considering I bought 2 balls the first time (w/ other stuff to fill a $30 order) and then ordered 2 more balls (again, w/ more stuff) and then just ordered one last ball to be on the safe side, and filled the order w/ other stuff, it's getting to be one expensive shawl.

Monday, October 10, 2005


I know I haven't been around. I'm still adjusting to work again, I am not back into SuperWoman mode yet. Jon lost his great-uncle this past week & I lost a great-aunt this week. We are trying to buy a small mobile home, that was a complete disaster.

I did manage to whip out (actually finish) a UFO - my black "crayons" crocheted afghan in a Workbasket Shells & Chains pattern. Very fast pattern, I might add. I made it for the family reunion this weekend. I was in charge of fundraising, wanted to bring more stuff to raffle off but that's all I managed to finish. Went over well, so next year I'll try to do more stuff. It was fun begging... I mean asking... for money. LOL

So needless to say, not a lot of knitting done.

I'm still plugging along on an EZ circular shawl, I'm getting there. Gonna start the border as soon as I figure out how I'm going to do it. I think I need to order one more ball of yarn for it - it's made out of a Knit Picks sock yarn called Cape Cod.

I'm knitting feather & fan socks for the socks3kal using leftover KP's sock yarn (the simple stripes kind, both leftovers have orange in them), I'm doing them toe up of course & I'm about 1/3 of the way done the feet, maybe.

I'm knitting some fair isle CIC socks adapting a pattern from a sock book I have (to eliminate 3 colors in one round), I'm past the heel turn & I did one repeat of the pattern so far.

I'm knitting some socks that the German KAL knit a while back but I don't remember the name of, in a blue tweedy Opal. Not to far into these, either.

I have one more pair, oh yeah, the Broadripple's for Jon out of LB's Magic Stripes done on size 2 needles & 64 stitches. I'm at the heel turn for those, but I need to remeasure his feet before I continue.