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Guidelines are as follows:

1. 12" squares ~ Crocheted or Knitted

2. Any color or fiber of yarn appreciated

3. ANY pattern you choose would be wonderful (I've found the more

a variety of patterns, the more stunning the afghan...

4. Please do not finish off the squares, that will be done when

the assemblier is piecing the afghans together.

PLEA for YARN donations - if you don't feel you want to contribute

to being a square maker - would you enterain the idea of donating yarn?
If so, the guidelines for yarn donations are as follows:

1. There are no guidelines

a. any color

b. any fiber

c. full or used skeins/balls welcome

d. any kind of home (smoking, non-smoking, pets, etc)

Any yarn or square donation will be greatly appreciated.

Please conact Sonni @ sonnis_hooked_on_crochet@yahoo.com and she will email

you an address where the squares and yarn donations can be sent.

I just want to thank everyone who helps in this project in advance.

You are putting a smile on someone's face if only for a moment... They

will always cherish these afghans. They have been left with nothing,

and just an afghan made with love ~ will let them know they haven't been

forgotten by us. Please remember the victims/survivors, the President,

the military personnel who are helping in this situation and everyone

else involved or touched by this disaster in your prayers.

You have been trustworthy in a very small matter.

Luke 19:17 NIV

God Bless you for all you do...



When I return from China I'll see what yarn I can send your way! I return home end of September -- is that soon enough? How long will this be going on?

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