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yarn to trade

Okay, I've been working on cleaning out my yarn closet & found some sweaters from when I was really into recycling sweaters for the yarn. So I spent the last two days working on a few sweaters. I would like to trade the yarn for other stuff, like more yarn. I'll post photos &/or scans if anyone is at all interested, for now I'll give general descriptions:

purple lilac 100% cashmere fingering weight - I'm still frogging this sweater, but I'll have between 200-300 grams to swap, take it all or some. This is gorgeous soft stuff! I'm keeping enough to make a couple of pairs of socks for me & my mom.

3.5 oz of 60% silk/40% cotton about a DK or so weight. It's in 3 balls with no knots on it at all. I think it would make a great pair of socks! It is off white with a fine line of blue gray running thorugh it so it comes out like tweed. I'd like to trade this in one lot.

soft white 70% wool, 20% angora, 10% nylon - I'm still frogging this sweater too, but I have a lot of it. I'll be trading at least 500 grams of it, I think. Take it all or take some.

My wish list:
Lucy Neatby's Cool Hands Warm Feet (used is terrific)
Opal sock yarn - esp the new stuff, any of the older collections EXCEPT mosaik and crok is fine.Oh, no more bumblebee, either, I have two balls of it already.
Knitpicks sock yarn or the worstened weight 100% wool of the andes... the dye your own stuff would be perfect, too
any other sock yarn is cool... I love working with bits and pieces of scrap leftover yarn, so that would be a great trade for me, too

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