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this is the scrap socks tutorial

this is the scrap socks tutorial

I've been searching for this pattern for, like, forever. I wanted to use it as one of the beginner SAM patterns. I mean, it's a pretty basic sock and a pretty basic idea, but I thought to beginner, newbie socknitters, they would appreciate the idea and the structure of how to make one ball of patterned sock yarn stretch. Since I've begun to recycle sweaters & to dye said recycled yarn, I use this basic technique all the time. Especially with dyed yarn before I thought to spit splice together sections. I would dye however much I had from whatever section of sweater, sometimes it would be a lot, and sometimes it would be a very small amount. I'd save some of the solid from the sweater & viola now I have enough to make a very unique pair of socks.

In other news: I was raok'ed twice yesterday! I will be posting photos later on today. I am so excited. I am thrilled. I am unbelievably excited!!!

I want to add some stuff to my bookcrossing list and drop some off while we are in CT this weekend. Lots of falcon show people around, they are intelligent people, I bet they'd appreciate the joys of a free used paperback book! I can't afford to mail them but hey, I can afford to give away free books that I'll never read in a million years but yet I can't quite pass up buying at yard sales because they are so cheap! (nice run on sentence, thank you very much).

Let's see. Also on my list of things to do: finish frogging a sweater or two. I'm sick of looking at them. This is the time to buy cheap sweaters to frog, but i don't dare buy anymore until I work on the pile. I have a cashmere sweater on top that I am working on. Yummy. That's all I can say. Is yum. I have a couple of small batches of yarn that I dyed (from that cleaning-out-the-stash yarn at my parents house) that I need to take photos of & wind into balls. I want to finish the blue/green socks from elann yarn that have been on the needles forever. I really want to cast on for another honeymoon, but I am trying to resist.

And oh yeah, I have to look for a job, too.

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