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more photos

Blogger wouldn't let me post the whole post in one, so here I am trying again...

Here's my mother crocheting. Yup, she crocheted, though she hasn't since I was a kid. I have no memories of her ever crocheting, so that's how long it's been. She's making a purple, pink, and white ripple afghan. The other stuff in the photo she made, too. Purple is her favorite color, can you tell??

My mom and I wearing matching outfits that one of my aunts sewed. My mom sewed as well, but like she always says "I couldn't do buttons so anything fancy your aunt Dot made".

These, and the last one below, were all slides. My mom bought a new scanner that can scan slides, so the first few she scanned she had my dad pick out. This is one of the ones he picked out. Can you tell I was (and still am) daddy's little girl??

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