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flame chevron stitch socks

I actually have another pair of socks, done, but I haven't scanned them yet. So, I'm proud to present, the flame chevron socks!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usToe up, using leftover esprit yarn. I believe I used 48 stitches using five needles. The pattern stitch is the flame chevron stitch (from a second treasury of knitting patterns, by BW), a multiple of 7 stitches. On the instep, I just added extra knit stitches where needed; on the leg, I added one full repeat on either side of the instep, keeping the pattern the same on the front (so one side, it's off a bit, but you can't notice it at all unless you know what to look for) for half a repeat, ribbing the remainder stitches in the back. After that I just did ribbing for an inch or so, and voila! They are done! They fit beautifully, though they fit a little loose right now. They'll fit perfectly after being washed.

I'm really excited about these socks as they are my most complicated lace socks yet. I remember when I did the cloverleaf socks as part of the six socks knital, and they were SO hard to do! And what is that, a six round repeat?? LOL I absolutely adored this pattern, and once I did one repeat all the way through, it was so easy to follow, I really only looked at the directions once or twice after that. I will definitely be making these again

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