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another charity afghan done

I took a break from knitting yesterday to assemble some squares into another lapghan for the nursing home. I have to admit I cursed the whole time I did it - I wanted to knit, damnit, not crochet!! LOL But I'm glad I finished another 'ghan & I will try to get a few more done soon.

Finally added a blog counter & one of those blog advertising things. I'm hoping to get a few more people visiting my blog. I really have no idea who comes to visit. I know I don't post funny things or beautiful photos of FOs every day, but I get hardly any comments :(. I love the comments I do get & they make me feel special, but geez... I look at other blogs with 100 comments on every post, or more, and I just feel like the fat,ugly, teenager I was all over again.

Enough whine.

I visit everyday, or everytime you post, but I am too lazy to comment often - bad Lu!
With my mothrin-law help, we just finished an afghan too. Well, finished the knitting part (she did) and now I have to croquet the strips together. I am sending it to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

I read your blog every time you update, but guilty of being a non-comment leaver when I'm tired and lazy. Since putting my laptop at the couch half the time I'm laying down and one-finger typing, LOL. I do enjoy reading your blog. I just learned knitting too now so now I have double the WIPs on the go, aiiii.

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