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I realized, belatedly, that my last couple of posts were rather short. I guess I've just felt a lack of creativity lately. I am knitting and crocheting, but nothing fabulous. Just squares for lapghans for the nursing home and plain Jane toe up socks for CIC.

Still yard saling, of course. Have gotten some good and not so good deals. A bag of wool tapestry yarn for $2 that yielded quite a few pairs of CIC socks, long gone now. A smaller sized bag of tapestry wool yarn for $1, that ended up being all cut lengths of yarn. I managed to scavenge some of it, but spit splicing 30" lengths of yarn together, enough to make even one pair of toddler socks is time consuming. I decided to pass. I still have the yarn - I may or may not just tye the ends together, magic 8 ball style, and crochet a hat out of it. Or something. There really isn't enough of it, and I really don't want to do anything with it, but my cheapness/thriftness/budget demands that I don't throw anything - ANYTHING - away. So, for now, it's still sitting on the side of my bed.

Haven't really touched the scrap yarn projects that multiple like rabbits. I did put together one of them, the morraccan tiles afghan, that'll go to the nursing home whenever I get over there. I put together a couple of other lapghans for the nursing home, too, 10" squares that I made extras of from the swap, and some of the squares I've already received from the swap. I totally can't afford these swaps, but my sanity insists that I do something with my time. I cannot join any more swaps for the rest of the year, though. I can't afford the ones I'm own & I really, really should cancel the green white swap & the anything goes swap before it starts & I can't get out of it. In fact, I think I'll go do it right now, before I change my mind. Then I can concentrate on the other swaps I signed up for that are in progress, and won't feel so guilty about spending money we can't afford.

Oh, and hi to all my fellow fiber RAOK-ers, it's good to be here :).

You could make a self fringeing scarf with your cut lengths. Just knit until there is not enough to do another row leave the tail and tie on a newpiece. They make a great scarf that is fun and takes cut lenghts really well. Its an idea and there is no splicing envolved.

As a thrifty person myself I like to frog sweaters for there yarn. Have you tried that? Its a great way to find nice fibers at a reasonalble price. Summer sales tend to yield sweaters.

Good Luck and enjoy your projects.

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