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picture time

I'm finally getting around to posting some photos of stuff I've worked on or other goodies. Some of this stuff is from, eep, May?

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From one swap or another. Pastel colors, I believe it was supposed to be an Easter swap?? So long ago I can't remember....

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usthe horrible pillowghan that's an afghan from hell... It was supposed to be a pillowghan for my parents' anniversary (which was June 30th). They have a 64 ford falcon convertible, black with red interior. I made them a pillowghan years ago, but it disappeared somehow last summer. So, this was supposed to replace it. But, it was a forgetten FO & by the time I got around to finishing the squares, my gauge changed wildly & the squares were about 3 inches bigger. Since this was made 2 strands at a time, join as I go, large 18" squares... I decided just to leave the joined squares together. It's not terribly noticable (the difference in sizes, that is) until you go to fold it up. It's done other than the yarn ends which are still dangling. I hate this beast. Probably because I know I should frog the beast. Epp.

This is a photo of some of my hand dyed to create stripes sock yarn. It's a long repeat - the skein was about 70 feet long.

This is a vintage knit vest sock kit I picked up at a yard sale for a song. It's just so totally 70's and so cool and so retro!

I was gifted some beautiful Emu 100% DK wool yarn from a fellow CIC-lister. Here's a pair of socks that are started: using a simple chevron pattern. I shouldn't have bothered; the yarn is gorgeous & the pattern totally disapears in the yarn, but I was so sick of straight st st!

A pile of finished CIC socks. There's about 14 pairs in the pile, started way back in March. I need to mail them out this week, but I'm hoping to finish up a few more pairs. I would have finished more this week, but I've been sewing up tube socks for CIC instead of knitting them. And, oh, I got side tracked finishing a pair of socks for me that have been on the needles since, well, forever. A year and a half ago?

And what's this?? You wonder. It's a terribly dark photo I know, but it's a bag of free acyrlic yarn from freecycle. It's perfect for lapghans at the nursing home, and there's a ton of it! Thank you, freecycle!

those are some great pix. i love that granny square afgan! it's great!

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