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another Monday

Well, I don't really have much news to report, but I decided since I'm trying to get back into the habit of posting regularly again, I better just bite the bullet and do it!

Yard saling this weekend yielded me 24 ounces of worstened weight lilac 100% wool yarn. For $4. I am so incredibly excited about this. My wool supply for CIC socks has dwindled down to practically nothing (well, I thought, keep reading). I received some wonderful needlepoint yarn in the mail on Friday from a gal on the cic-knit list, but since it needs to be doubled, that won't last long. I was getting nervous about completely running out of wool yarn. When I stumbled acorss the wool yarn at the yard sale! I tried to talk her down to less, but no dice. She had other yarn, but I just couldn't get her to come down in price. Oh, well, I tried.

This AM we finally spent the time to clean up the yarn closet again. I've picked up so much acrylic yarn this summer yard saling, and it's just gotten dumped wherever when we get back home. So we spent the time going through the odd bags and boxes and repacked it all in the closet. In so doing, I found some scrap wool yarn that I had totally forgetten about. So, between the needlepoint yarn I just received, the purple yarn I picked up this weekend, the yarn I found in the closet, I'm all set for CIC socks for, oh, I give it a week. I'm still averaging a pair of socks every day, and sometimes more, depending on the size of the sock. I finished three pairs on Friday! Mind you, I had three pairs going at once & I didn't finish any on Thursday. I really haven't done much CIC socknitting since then because I thought I was out of yarn.

Of course, being a true knitter & crocheter, I'm always craving more yarn, more, more, MORE!

I really, really need to sit down and scan all the photos of finished socks.

I still need to sew up a box of tube socks that I received from another woman on the CIC list. It's on the list of things for me to do today, but I gotta go out job hunting again, first.

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