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UFO's & FO's

Well, I've been busy finishing all of my UFO's, except, most of them aren't exactly FO's, either.

The honeymoon is done; so is my boatneck top. The pillowghan is now an afghan. I finished one of Jon's broadripple socks; they don't quite fit. After I cursed & swore for a while, trying to figure out why they didn't fit, I remembered: oh, yeah, the other pair of broadripples I made for him was esprit & had more stitches in it!! Duh! They sort of fit me, but the heel doesn't. I made the heel extra long to fit him. I have big fat heels, but he's just got really wide heels. After debating for five minutes, I decided instead of keeping them for myself & cussing because they don't fit me right, either, I'd frog them. And knit them again, a little bigger. Which means, in order for me to have enough yarn (remember, this is recycled yarn I dyed myself) I'd have to frog the pair of socks I was making, so I could use the solid blue for his heels & toes instead of mine. So, 2 more UFO's are done - sort of.

Let's see, I tossed one of the scrap afghans - the floral yo yo one. Since I only had a few first rounds done... and I didn't really like the afghan to begin with, it was an easy decision. I also tossed the 2 rnd jon-as-you-go afghan, too. So, 2 more UFO's knocked down.

I've been working on my shells & chain "crayons" or "circus" or whatever the yarn's called afghan for my parents. Almost done, I think. But I got sidetracked. I started my first sweater!!

Ooooh, your first sweater! wooowee!!!! I will need to see many pictures, as I too am thinking -- just thinking -- of delving into my first sweater as well :)

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