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spring afghan, pillowghan

Well, I finished putting together the spring squares for a small afghan throw. I bordered in an olive green, and though it sounds like a bad color combo, it actually worked really well.

The pillowghan I gave up on. After finishing up another square, I realized my gauge changed from when I started this monster 3 months ago, to now. By a difference of 2" per square. It's not really noticable as an afghan since the squares are so big, but when you go to fold it into a pillowghan, it's very, very noticable. As a gift, I don't think so. Since I've hated this afghan from the first square, I'm going to weave in the last few ends, and just leave it as a double strand, heavy small afghan. It's probably 40" by 40" or so, but I'm guessing on that. I'll donate the two afghans to some charity or another, for now it'll go in my pile.

So, now I need to decide what projects to work on next. I only have 18 left, after all. I'm trying to work on the ones I can finish quickly & cross off my list OR some of my oldest projects, which includes the embroidery which I'll never touch. I am working on bordering those squares (realized some of them need one more round of a color before adding a border) but that's my at night when I'm tired and at home long term project. The swap's not due til the end of August, I have gabs of time. Actually I should check that due date, now I'm thinking maybe it's the end of July which leaves me much less time. Anyways, I can sit for half an hour & get at least 5 borders done, more if I'm actually paying attention to what I'm doing & not to paying attention to Zorro, so they'll get done fast.

So that leaves me with 2 more projects to work on if I only work on 3 at a time, which is dueable. My travel project I think will be Jon's broadripple socks & his olive green socks. Both are quick knits, the broadripples especially & since they are more than halfway done I can really finish them fast. And I think that leaves me with the honeymoon, another one of my older projects.

Oh, I started a new blog! Go to freeknittingsockpatterns - for free sock patterns! Right now there's just a few pretty basic patterns including toe up & top down knee highs. No pictures as these are patterns I've made in my head or using programs online. I have the Sole Solution as well but the disk isn't working so I have to try to figure out what's up with that. Anyways go check it out, knit some socks, & then send me the pics! LOL Please??

I'll leave you with a photo of Jon & I from Memorial Day weekend - don't laugh too much :)

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