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honeymoon almost done!

After knitting like crazy all weekend, I am almost done my cami. I am just about done the right half - after the last divide, I just worked on both pieces at once with 2 different balls of yarn & left the third ball dangling (fun for my cat). I want to make the straps wider. I thought of making a 5 stitch i-cord but I'm not sure that's really going to be big enough. Then I thought of knitting the straps with ribbing or a moss stitch or something so that they won't curl & still knit on the 5 stitches. I posted at the KAL so we'll see if anyone has any imput, or I may just experiment. I think k1, p1, k1, p1, k1 will work quite nicely as ribbing, or maybe switch the purls with the knits. Hmm...

In other news, it was a fabulous yard sale weekend! I should have taken photos of everything yesterday when it was sunny, but it was too hot to move. Today is overcast, extremely cloudy & no sun in sight, I don't think my pics would come out at all, but I'll try later.

So, I came home with:

a large stack of vintage magazines, including some I've never seen before. No real "oh my god, I HAVE to make this" patterns, but lots of laughs, "oh, my's" and so on. I love vintage. I haven't counted how many I bought, some ended up being dups or things I don't want (grabbed some sewing stuff in my frenzy to grab patterns) but I only paid $3 for the box, including a vintage knit kit that I adore - it's a patchwork Bucilla knit vest kit. I'm not sure of the copyright, I can't find a date on the package & I can't find a date on the bit of the pattern you can see around the yarn. I haven't decided if I'll save the kit as is for my collection (I collect vintage crafty stuff, not just patterns & hooks) or if I'll actually knit this. For now, it'll stay in almost mint condition. I'd guess the date was 60's by the color & hairstyle. I'd have paid $3 just for the kit!

I also got 7 100 gram balls of Icelandic 100% wool yarn by Brunswick, still with the label, and one without the label. I also got two pieces from a sweater - one looks damaged enough I don't think I'll bother to frog, but I also got either a sleeve to a very large sweater or the back of a very small sweater. I think it's a sleeve, but it's just so wide. IT's very heavily cabled, so even frogging just one piece, I think I'll be getting at least 100 grams out of it if not more. I paid a whopping $3 for all of it. It did stink a bit, but after being aired out since Saturday, it doesn't smell at all. I think I'll still wash it before knitting with it. It's a beautiful natural color so I may end up dying it anyway, I have no idea yet.

And I also bought a bag of acrylic yarn for $1 - I know, I know, it's not good yarn, but I love acrylic too. Sometimes wool just won't do, and acrylic isn't as bad as everyone thinks. I got a full skein of blue (8 oz), a full skein of peach (6 oz), a full skein of pink (8 oz), a half skein of blue, and some bits of other colors. I don't normally pay even that much for my yard sale yarn (I'm known for bargining to the point that I come home with 10 pounds of yarn plus a nice storage container for keeping it in for $2) but since it was newer yarn & still had ball bands & because I regret not buying all the yarn I could last weekend (I passed up probably 10 or 20 pounds of yarn for $10 because I was too cheap).

Oh, and I almost forgot: I bought the entire handcover Creative Hands series, 22 volumes, in perfect shape, for $5. I'm actually going to be getting the set from my grandmother someday & I already have a couple of the volumes, but for that price I had to have it. When I get the set from my grandmother I'll turn around and sell the set I just picked up at a used bookstore or our yard sale or whatever. Every time I visit my grandmother she usually gives me a set of books, more hooks, yarn, granny squares she's made, etc etc etc. I'm lucky :)

Hi, I have a set of the Golden Hands too, only my set is the six larger volumes.I think they are pretty much the same thing only a different format. A friend gave them to me several years ago. He only had 5 of them and a year or so ago I found the last volume at a used book store. I love em'. Some of the stuff is really dated, but the techniques are always applicable. Some of the Home decorating stuff I have been tempted to recreate for the house, but dear hubby doesn't like retro at all. LOL.

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