Friday, June 17, 2005

UFO's & FO's

Well, I've been busy finishing all of my UFO's, except, most of them aren't exactly FO's, either.

The honeymoon is done; so is my boatneck top. The pillowghan is now an afghan. I finished one of Jon's broadripple socks; they don't quite fit. After I cursed & swore for a while, trying to figure out why they didn't fit, I remembered: oh, yeah, the other pair of broadripples I made for him was esprit & had more stitches in it!! Duh! They sort of fit me, but the heel doesn't. I made the heel extra long to fit him. I have big fat heels, but he's just got really wide heels. After debating for five minutes, I decided instead of keeping them for myself & cussing because they don't fit me right, either, I'd frog them. And knit them again, a little bigger. Which means, in order for me to have enough yarn (remember, this is recycled yarn I dyed myself) I'd have to frog the pair of socks I was making, so I could use the solid blue for his heels & toes instead of mine. So, 2 more UFO's are done - sort of.

Let's see, I tossed one of the scrap afghans - the floral yo yo one. Since I only had a few first rounds done... and I didn't really like the afghan to begin with, it was an easy decision. I also tossed the 2 rnd jon-as-you-go afghan, too. So, 2 more UFO's knocked down.

I've been working on my shells & chain "crayons" or "circus" or whatever the yarn's called afghan for my parents. Almost done, I think. But I got sidetracked. I started my first sweater!!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Well, let's see. After finishing honeymoon, I've been working on my other striped top. I really, really want to start another project, but all those UFO's are haunting me.

Because I'm dying to start something new, I'm compromising with myself: I'm dying up some more yarn. Cotton this time with some RIT I've had lying around the house forever - purple & pink, not my favorite colors, but it'll do. It'll go into either either another honeymoon style top, or I'm thinking it'll end up with nothing but a tee shirt. I don't want to dye up 12 pounds of this stuff since just skeining it is driving me nuts. So, I thought I could dye up enough for the body of the tee, and then maybe leave the second color as the plain, undyed white. I also want to start working on frogging sweaters again, I'm sick of staring at my pile, and I've only bought one sweater in the past few weeks (an off white wool/angora blend that has dying all over it).

In crochet news: I have none! I haven't picked up any squares to border, but I did at least hear from my secret pal. So that was nice!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

honeymoon & nothing but a tee shirt

Well the honeymoon is done! I finished her up last night, and she is gorgeous.

Instead of the twisted stitch ribbing, I did plain ribbing. Next time, I'll do a lacer ribbing or something else, or at least, make longer ribbing. Mine was way too short this time but that's because I hate ribbing.

I decreased one less time then the pattern says to. I'm a chunky broad & I don't have much of a waist. I wanted this to be form fitting, but not show off my gut too much. The decreases I did was perfect - enough to show my figure, but not anything else.

I made my straps 7 stitches wide & no i-cord. Made with st st, they curl quite nicely on their own. I wanted fat, wide straps to hide my fat, wide bra straps & this didn't quite work. I'll have to figure out something else. 7 stitches would be perfect if it didn't curl! My straps are also pretty short - I think only 12 rows high, or maybe 10. I originally knit about 3.5 inch straps, but I kept trying it on & frogging, trying it on & frogging until I really got done there. Any longer length & you saw my strap in the back, more cleavage then I wanted to show, and really, just looked awful.

I can't wait to post pictures, but they have to be taken first!


I also joined Nothing but a Tee shirt knitalong. I'm dying to start, but since I still have 17 projects to work on.... I think I'm going to try to wait a bit to start. I also have to figure out what yarn I'll be using, if I'm going to include a word or a graphic or something... I want to have a game plan before I start knitting. My goal is to finish 2 more projects before I start something else. DH wants me to get done to 10 but that's not going to happen.

So, I figure I'll try to finish Jon's broadripple socks & one other project, maybe his other pair of socks, and maybe my striped top.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Some ask: Dude, where?s my yarn? By LINDEN MCNEILLY SENTINEL CORRESPONDENT May 29, 2005

Some ask: Dude, where?s my yarn? By LINDEN MCNEILLY SENTINEL CORRESPONDENT May 29, 2005

honeymoon almost done!

After knitting like crazy all weekend, I am almost done my cami. I am just about done the right half - after the last divide, I just worked on both pieces at once with 2 different balls of yarn & left the third ball dangling (fun for my cat). I want to make the straps wider. I thought of making a 5 stitch i-cord but I'm not sure that's really going to be big enough. Then I thought of knitting the straps with ribbing or a moss stitch or something so that they won't curl & still knit on the 5 stitches. I posted at the KAL so we'll see if anyone has any imput, or I may just experiment. I think k1, p1, k1, p1, k1 will work quite nicely as ribbing, or maybe switch the purls with the knits. Hmm...

In other news, it was a fabulous yard sale weekend! I should have taken photos of everything yesterday when it was sunny, but it was too hot to move. Today is overcast, extremely cloudy & no sun in sight, I don't think my pics would come out at all, but I'll try later.

So, I came home with:

a large stack of vintage magazines, including some I've never seen before. No real "oh my god, I HAVE to make this" patterns, but lots of laughs, "oh, my's" and so on. I love vintage. I haven't counted how many I bought, some ended up being dups or things I don't want (grabbed some sewing stuff in my frenzy to grab patterns) but I only paid $3 for the box, including a vintage knit kit that I adore - it's a patchwork Bucilla knit vest kit. I'm not sure of the copyright, I can't find a date on the package & I can't find a date on the bit of the pattern you can see around the yarn. I haven't decided if I'll save the kit as is for my collection (I collect vintage crafty stuff, not just patterns & hooks) or if I'll actually knit this. For now, it'll stay in almost mint condition. I'd guess the date was 60's by the color & hairstyle. I'd have paid $3 just for the kit!

I also got 7 100 gram balls of Icelandic 100% wool yarn by Brunswick, still with the label, and one without the label. I also got two pieces from a sweater - one looks damaged enough I don't think I'll bother to frog, but I also got either a sleeve to a very large sweater or the back of a very small sweater. I think it's a sleeve, but it's just so wide. IT's very heavily cabled, so even frogging just one piece, I think I'll be getting at least 100 grams out of it if not more. I paid a whopping $3 for all of it. It did stink a bit, but after being aired out since Saturday, it doesn't smell at all. I think I'll still wash it before knitting with it. It's a beautiful natural color so I may end up dying it anyway, I have no idea yet.

And I also bought a bag of acrylic yarn for $1 - I know, I know, it's not good yarn, but I love acrylic too. Sometimes wool just won't do, and acrylic isn't as bad as everyone thinks. I got a full skein of blue (8 oz), a full skein of peach (6 oz), a full skein of pink (8 oz), a half skein of blue, and some bits of other colors. I don't normally pay even that much for my yard sale yarn (I'm known for bargining to the point that I come home with 10 pounds of yarn plus a nice storage container for keeping it in for $2) but since it was newer yarn & still had ball bands & because I regret not buying all the yarn I could last weekend (I passed up probably 10 or 20 pounds of yarn for $10 because I was too cheap).

Oh, and I almost forgot: I bought the entire handcover Creative Hands series, 22 volumes, in perfect shape, for $5. I'm actually going to be getting the set from my grandmother someday & I already have a couple of the volumes, but for that price I had to have it. When I get the set from my grandmother I'll turn around and sell the set I just picked up at a used bookstore or our yard sale or whatever. Every time I visit my grandmother she usually gives me a set of books, more hooks, yarn, granny squares she's made, etc etc etc. I'm lucky :)

Friday, June 03, 2005

spring afghan, pillowghan

Well, I finished putting together the spring squares for a small afghan throw. I bordered in an olive green, and though it sounds like a bad color combo, it actually worked really well.

The pillowghan I gave up on. After finishing up another square, I realized my gauge changed from when I started this monster 3 months ago, to now. By a difference of 2" per square. It's not really noticable as an afghan since the squares are so big, but when you go to fold it into a pillowghan, it's very, very noticable. As a gift, I don't think so. Since I've hated this afghan from the first square, I'm going to weave in the last few ends, and just leave it as a double strand, heavy small afghan. It's probably 40" by 40" or so, but I'm guessing on that. I'll donate the two afghans to some charity or another, for now it'll go in my pile.

So, now I need to decide what projects to work on next. I only have 18 left, after all. I'm trying to work on the ones I can finish quickly & cross off my list OR some of my oldest projects, which includes the embroidery which I'll never touch. I am working on bordering those squares (realized some of them need one more round of a color before adding a border) but that's my at night when I'm tired and at home long term project. The swap's not due til the end of August, I have gabs of time. Actually I should check that due date, now I'm thinking maybe it's the end of July which leaves me much less time. Anyways, I can sit for half an hour & get at least 5 borders done, more if I'm actually paying attention to what I'm doing & not to paying attention to Zorro, so they'll get done fast.

So that leaves me with 2 more projects to work on if I only work on 3 at a time, which is dueable. My travel project I think will be Jon's broadripple socks & his olive green socks. Both are quick knits, the broadripples especially & since they are more than halfway done I can really finish them fast. And I think that leaves me with the honeymoon, another one of my older projects.

Oh, I started a new blog! Go to freeknittingsockpatterns - for free sock patterns! Right now there's just a few pretty basic patterns including toe up & top down knee highs. No pictures as these are patterns I've made in my head or using programs online. I have the Sole Solution as well but the disk isn't working so I have to try to figure out what's up with that. Anyways go check it out, knit some socks, & then send me the pics! LOL Please??

I'll leave you with a photo of Jon & I from Memorial Day weekend - don't laugh too much :)

Free Image Hosting at

Thursday, June 02, 2005

and my name in pictures...

Ignoring the Marie...

Free Image Hosting at <a href=

This was the best picture I could get!

this was fun!

I stole it from somewhere on the net & changed the idea a bit. My apologies to whoever did this first, I forgot to jot down where I got the idea, & it wasn't one of my usual blog reads.

This is where I grew up:
Free Image Hosting at <a href=

And in this photo, the library where I practically lived as a kid & teenager:
Free Image Hosting at <a href=

Here's where I live now:

Free Image Hosting at <a href=

Here's where I went to college for a year & a half:

Free Image Hosting at <a href=

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

squares from swaps

A bad photo of the squares I received from the spring swap
Free Image Hosting at

More squares from more swaps
Image Hosted by These were leftover from the Halloween & fall colors swaps that I did last year.

The beginning of my patriotic afghan: Free Image Hosting at I have received more squares since then.

Rainbow squares I've made that just need that black border Free Image Hosting at <a" /> and some with the black border Free Image Hosting at <a" />. I have 11 finished with the border, about 34 or 35 squares that just need a border, and about 12 or 13 more that are in various stages of completion.

update & photos part 2

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usThis is the join as you go 3 rounds granny square afghan. As you can see from the weird photo, I'm joining it kind of weird. It's sort of in an L shape right now. This will definitely be a forgotten afghan.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usHere's a not very good photo of the red & black pillowghan.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usJon's olive green sock it to me socks in esprit. Hope there's enough for his wide feet as these balls are leftover from other projects!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usThis is my tote generally hiding under my bed. It's full of finished squares for my moraccan tiles afghan (from the big book of scrap afghans, bordered in black instead of brown) and finished squares for the floral quilt from another scrap afghans book/leaflet. I made the scrap floral quilt before, twice as big as specified & had some leftovers. These are them plus more that I have made.

This is the closeup of the Moraccan tiles afghan: Free Image Hosting at

and a closeup of the floral quilt: Free Image Hosting at

Here is an updated photo of my fall socks: Free Image Hosting at <a href=The yarn was from elann, the Italian yarn that I never remember the name of that begins with a C. Smiles has some of it as well in solids & a different colorway. It has a solid black toe & will have solid black for heels as well.

pictures & updates & UFO's, oh my

Well, something possessed me today to take photos of all of my projects. I couldn't find some initially but found others that I had forgetten about. Ugh.

So, here's the list, with photos of the projects I found the first time searching:

And here are Jon's broadripple socks with a little bit of progress after our bonfire this weekend Free Image Hosting at

Here's my striped summer top.
I'm loosely basing the pattern on a vogue boatneck top, but changed the striped pattern to random stripes.

I'm using yarn mostly from recycled sweaters but also am throwing in some leftover yarn as well.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usHere's the black afghan with bits of all colors of the rainbow in it. It's really hard to see in the photo. I bought six skeins of the yarn at a yard sale, brand new, for $3. It's cheap acyrlic, but it'll work. It'll be a gift for Christmas.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usthe crocheted floral yo yo afghan. It's barely started. I mean, barely. With all of the other crocheted scrap afghans surrounding me, I may just toss the half dozen one round circles. We'll see what happens in a month or five.