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yard sales in Rutland

Well, even in the rain, we went to the town wide yard sale in Rutland. And even in the rain, we had a blast, even though Jon only came home with 4 little matchbox cars. I came home with one free G crochet hook, a bird feeder for Zorro, a Dinosaurs video, and... drumroll please.... 11 sweaters... 2 from Goodwill, 1 from Salvation army, but 8 from Rutland. I got:

(NOTE: this is more for my future knowledge than anyone else's. But hey if anyone else is interested, be my guest & read!!)

one olive green Karen Scott Petites large 100% cotton cardigan sweater, pd $2 & the first sweater of the day!

L women's petite Lands' End sweater in a pinky salmon, $2 second sweater of the day! Same yard sale as first sweater. She also had a wool sweater, but the condition was only so-so, so I passed

S Fashion Bug 55% ramie, 45% cotton faire aisle type sweater, main color is a tweedy lt brown, with purples & blues in the design, $2

this one was a maybe - a M Tiara Int'l sweater, striped colors, 55% ramie, 45% cotton, with a small hole. red, dark gray, brown, and purple - definitely an ugly sweater knitted as is! I was definitely debating, for for $1- I decided to go for it. I am falling in love with ramie/cotton blends which is why I decided to buy.

one of my fav's of the day - a dark gray, size 12 Old Navy sweater, 77% cotton, 23% wool, I think it's about a sport weight. DH's not a huge wool fan, so this will end up something for him. $1

Old Navy large 100% lambwool sweater in a beautiful light orange shade (I so love orange), looks about a DK weight $1

Free Image Hosting at <a href=L Kenji 95% lambwool, 5% nylon sweater cardigan , rusty orange in color, incl 4 buttons on each sleeve. I'm a little nervous about frogging this one with all the buttons, but it was $1 - worse comes to worse, the buttons are worth the price & it's ORANGE!! and wool! How can one go wrong?

a ribbed S Old Navy red ribbed sweater, with a bit of stripes across the chest - dark navy, white, and gray, 100% cotton for $1. After I bought it, I realized how tiny this sweater is - really small. Not sure if it's even an adult sized sweater, but it looks too big to be a kid's sweater, so maybe it's just a really small small!

men's large Lands End olive green (slightly different shade than above) 100% cotton, $2.50 Goodwill (50% off of normal $5 price)

men's tan/lt brown ribbed Express sweater, L, 100% cotton, $2.50 Goodwill

women's burgandy red LL Bean M cabled sweater$1.99 Salvation Army

Rutland ,Ma? You're just down the road from us! It sounds like you did well at the town wide sale. You ever hit Rietta on Sundays?

We know Skip Clark who runs the pig farm that burned a couple of years ago. He's a customer of my in-laws. It was devastating after the fire, but amazing how everyone pulled together for the family.

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