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thrifting, auctions, recyled yarn, and the honeymoon cami

Saturday we went yard saling/thrifting. Nothing good at all from the yard sales except for another pot for my plants & a couple of frames. At Salvation Army I picked up 3 cotton/acrylic blends, incredibly soft which is why I bought them. I only looked at sweaters 50% off, so I got the 3 of them for $6 total. Not great, but not bad either.

We hit Goodwill afterwards, and again we only looked at the 50% off sweaters. Found a lot of maybe's - not sure the condition of the wool was that good, starting to felt here and there in places, small holes, etc etc etc., but did decide upon one 100% wool sweater. Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usSaturday night I frogged my favorite of the 3 sweaters, and messed up a bit cutting apart the seams, so only ended up with about 350 grams of usable yarn. The longer bits & pieces went into a magic 8 ball. Sunday I worked on the second sweater, this time I didn't cut apart the seams, but pulled out the little thread. Much faster, much easier, and I managed to get a lot more yarn - I think something like 550 grams, Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usbut I forgot offhand how much. Little bits went into a magic 8 ball again. The yarn from the second sweater is going to be:

the honeymoon cami!

I joined the KAL last week, not really sure what yarn I was going to use but thinking of using the cheap Lily Sugar & Cream or LB kitchen cotton yarn. Not really soft or fun to work with yarn. After frogging the sweater it was easy to decide what I'd do with it, and the cami has begun! I did different ribbing - I knit really weird (sort of European and sort of like I'm crocheting) and I'm a very slow knitter to boot, so twisted knitting doesn't work for me because my stitches are backwards from the normal person. It works for me that's all I can say. Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Sunday we went to a field auction. Didn't get any sweaters (none! No sweaters at all, let alone free sweaters), did bid on some patterns but was out bid (a little greedy woman bid on ALL the lots of patterns, and outbid the other lady who was trying to get some, too. We both asked her if she'd mind us buying just a couple things off of her, but nope, she wanted them all! How rude, not sharing! LOL Though if I had won, I wouldn't want to share, but I would.) I did get some vintage 1970 Mc Call's needlework mags for $1 - they were mixed up in a lot of stuff, the woman didn't want them so I gave her a $1 for the stack. They are in incredibly bad shape, they are falling apart, some have water damage, falling out pages, missing pages, etc. but the patterns are incredible! If I ever update my website, man, what groovy far out patterns I'll have to add!

I also now am the proud owner of a button (look left), joined 2 new webrings - thrifty knits & hip hooks, and joined the summer KAL since I have some cotton yarn to play with now. I don't know why the graphic wasn't working - after multiple tries, I gave up & just added the text link for now.

wow it looks like you found some great recycled yarn! looks like you've already gotten a good start on that cami! what exactly is your magic 8 ball? just curious!
happy knitting

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