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recyling sweaters, dying yarn, knitting

Let's see, it's been a bit since I've posted what I've done, craft wise.

I finished the last of the sweaters - I really love the last cotton one I did. It has a bit of rayon to it & it's super shiny. I have just about 14 oz of it! The wool sweater was a fingering weight 100% "lambswool" that I think will end up socks or mittens. I spent a good chunk of yesterday dying it to create stripes. The yarn was a light blue to begin with so I wasn't sure how it would come out. I used easter egg dye this time. The first batch came out a bit weird because I ran out of purple dye & when I went to make more I realized I ran out of vinegar, so I made more purple dye & tried to mix it in with the dye that was already on the skein... so it came out pink & purple for one side of the very very big skein, and I left it natural blue on the other. My second skein (each skein was about 80-90 grams, and I have about 200 grams of plain blue that I didn't dye for heels/toes/ribbing/whatever) I made into another huge skein - like 30 feet long!! And divided into 3 sections: one was dyed green, one was dyed blue, and the third was left undyed natural blue. The dyed blue came out a brighter, darker blue but all three shades look wonderful together! I can't wait to knit this up.

Let's see, in other news, I've been knitting - no crocheting at all. I've been chugging along on honeymoon - just at the work straight for 2.25 inches part, between the decreases & increases. I cast on with my cotton/acrylic magic 8 ball from those sweaters to make the cape that I posted about yesterday from Spun Off. That's moving along very fast, even though I have about 200 stitches on the cirs! I'm planning on making it only 8 or 9" long, and I think I'm at 2.5" already.

I did knit on my socknitters sock swap partner's socks a bit today, for about 15 minutes before I went on my job interview.

Let's see, what else? Oh, I saved the best for last. I taught DH this AM to knit! He can't make slip knots to save his life, he can't cast on to save his life, but, I must say, he knits rather well. Loose, and very unsure of himself but, he knits! I am so proud, and i hope he keeps it up. Suggestions from anyone on manly beginner knitting projects? I was thinking of having him make these:


He wants to try socks eventually. It would be great if he did, so I can stop knitting socks, especially now that I'm knitting other things besides socks!

Let's see, the rainbow swap will be starting May 1st, that's exciting. I joined a Wish Swap at Craftster.org, that's a lot of fun. I'm making something my partner wants, and someone else is making me something I want! I sent her a few links of some things I really like online, I can't wait!! What a fun swap!

And let's see... I keep saying that, don't I? I think that's it for this time. Maybe.

I enjoyed reading your blog, thanks!

Granny Square Woman
I am reading on your blog now. I crochet and love to read. I am also in the rainbow Swap. Matter of fact I am helping the lady who is hosting this swap.
I look forward to getting squares from you. I am not sure yet but I think I am going to send two squares to everyone instead of one. It doesn't take me that long to make them and I have half of them made already.
I quit bloging because I couldn't figure the thing out. I may try it again soon. I like bloging but don't know how to get all that info on the side and the buttons and yada yada yada stuff.
I also like the idea of taking apart knit and crocheted sweaters. I did that when we first came to co. because I like the colors of the four scarfs I bought for fifty cents each. The funny thing was my husband helped me unravel them and he had never seen two strands of yarn crocheted together before. He said he used to when he was a little boy sit by his grandmothers side and hold skiens of yarn while she re rolled them into ball. My hubby is great for ripping and unraveling yarn for me because when they get knotted really bad I won't touch them. No patients at all.
Yet I can sit and take a seem ripper and undo sewing stitches one stitch at a time. Go figure
Any way I love your blog and can you send me to a site that explains how to unravel knit sweaters. This is such a good idea and I can get them for free.
Mary Ann

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