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magic 8 ball knitting/crocheting

Magic 8 ball knitting/crocheting:

http://www.knittersreview.com/article.asp?article=/review/profile/010726_a.asp - this site explains a "PLANNED" 8 ball. I prefer to use scraps of similiar fiber/color. It always took me a while to build up a ball big enough to actually do something with, until I started unraveling/recycling sweaters. You always get bits from your sweater not long enough to do anything else with, so I've been putting them into 8 balls. My first sweater was taken apart in a lot LOT of little balls because one of the strands of yarn kept breaking. The whole sweater is a giant 8 ball!

Here's a discussion on 8 ball knitting, including the scrap version:


Ideas of what to make using an 8 ball:


Photo of a capelet made magic 8 ball:


A different knitted capelet (this one is more of a poncho) with article on odd ball knitting:


wow thanks for that! I never even thought of that! sooo smart!
thanks again!

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