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list of FO's, recyling yarn project, CIC socks

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us(**edited to add photos**) It's been a bit since I've updated. Let's see. I finished the pinks scrap afghan. It's pink. That's all I can say for it. It was a fun pattern. I'll have to find the link, but it was a project linus afghan pattern found under the free patterns section at JPF fun crochet club, whatever that site is.

I've been also working on some crocheted tops, without much luck. I'm using cotton in my stash, that I need to use up. Basic LB cotton, Lily's sugar & cream type of stuff. I've been doing a lot of frogging. I mean, a lot of frogging.

Still haven't touched the pillowghan.

I need to finish up another pair of CIC socks. I need to work on socks for my sock swap partner. I did manage to send my bookmark out to my bookmark partner & I did manage to send the blue/white tote bag (pic shown earlier) as my JIC out to Grace. I believe the next swap starts in May, so that needs to get out ASAP so I can be in the next round. I still need to make my 2 12" rose/burgandy squares to my other swap partner.

The green/white square swap, which I forgot I was even in, has been postponed to August. Thank God, as I didn't know I signed up for it. I remember sending an email saying I was interested in it, but I don't remember actually saying I wanted to be in it. I'm addicted to squares, what can I say, I sign up for things without even being aware of it. I have a ton of rainbow squares done other than the black border. I don't know how many I have done, but I bet I have enough for the swap. It's only 1 square per person, after all, and I can't see more than 40 people signing up. I must have close to 40 squares, though a few aren't quite 10" yet (or technically, I'm making them between 9-9.5", with the border they''ll be 10").

Let's see. What else? I've joined a couple kal lately. I'm in the cutting stage of some plastic bags, and I'm planning on making something out of those. Not sure what yet. Maybe another little hold all basket for the side of my bed. Always need more of those. I figure that's pretty recyling :) reusing, what ever.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usAnd after cleaning out my closet this AM, I decided I'm going to attend to frog a sweater my dad gave me years & years ago. I think I was in junior high. So we are talking, um, I don't want to admit how many years ago. Let's just say over 15. I haven't worn the sweater in years and years and years... it's got a huge turtleneck which is supposed to be off the shoulder, and it's got pearls in said turtleneck. It's so 80's and so not me. But, my dad gave it to me one Christmas. Rarely does he ever pick something out for me - it's always my mom. Sometimes my dad will be there when she buys said item, but usually not unless it's a yard sale/auction gift (my favorite, other than yarn!). Anyways, since it's so rare that he picks something out for me, and I'm such a daddy's girl, I have never donated the sweater anywhere for memory's sake. But, I decided that I should recycle the yarn. It's 45% ramie, 39% acrylic, 16% cotton. I didn't know a lot about ramie, so went online to do research. Seems ramie's a natural fiber, a tough fiber, and supposedly pretty cool to wear in the summer. I'm not so thrilled about the acrylic, but I'm thinking of frogging this baby up. So, I joined the rekal KAL. I'm just waiting for it to be final.

WOW, I am going to have to check out all of those graany square sites. I was just thinking of doing a project with my chenille yarn!! Is that your button scrolling up there?

Nope, the granny square button isn't mine. I have no buttons :( boo, hoo. I got them from http://crochetmyway.visualrhetoric.org/

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