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current WIPs

I know, it's not WIP Wednesday, but, I'm feeling overwhelmed with my list of WIP's. Big change from last week:

red & black pillowghan, still untouched

purple charity afghan - just about 2 skeins into it or a pound or so

granny squares from grandma! Started putting some of the squares I've been finishing off together today. I'm putting them together 2 by 2, then adding a small border, and then adding the bigger blocks together. The 2 by 2 are joined by sc, ch 3, sc in next sp etc. The bigger blocks are joined as I go, all in pale pink yarn

Let's see: then there's socks for CIC, the blue black crok socks, the spring pastel socks from knitpicks, the spiral stashbuster socks from last month's 6 sox KAL, then I have a pair of autumn stripes socks with black heels & toes, and in the works is a pair for my sock buddy through socknitters (hi, Ruth if you are reading this!!)

Hi! I saw your post on Bron's blog ;) Just email me if you want a button, I'm happy to oblige. Because Granny Squares ROCK!!

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