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I read a thread on craftster about buttons & I'm in love. I love buttons & collect them. I don't actively go out & buy buttons, but always save buttons from recyling projects or when I can get them for free at the auction or a big tin of them for a couple of bucks, plus I've inherited some, etc etc. I've done a few crafts with them but I don't know what's happened to them! I really want to make:

http://members.aol.com/lffunt/buttonb.htm - I don't work with thread, but that's okay, I can fake it I'm sure

http://world.std.com/~kcl/cbuttonbraclet.html - ditto about the thread! I got some vintage thread & vintage thread + vintage buttons = happiness :)

Once a friend-who-shall-remain-nameless sewed "themed" type buttons a hat. Mine had turtles on it since I love turtles! I have no idea what happened to that hat, I loved it!!

Someone suggested sewing buttons onto flip flops (I like that better than fake fur) or onto a purse... I like those ideas, too.

I love this idea - stuff cat toys with them! When they bang together they make a noise. Combined with catnip, this idea I like

I saw in a mag a while back button pins - take a small circle of fabric, sew buttons on it, stuff lightly, sew on a back, add a pin, and viola! If I sewed I would so do that.

That first button bracelet is neat. :) Did you know about the button swap at Crochetville? It's closed now... but Ro enjoys swapping with anyone. ;)

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