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a big thank you...

To everyone who has been posting comments on my blog lately. I've been really down lately, and actually seeing some comments here has been very, very nice. I have no idea how to reply directly to comments, but please know that they are very much appreciated!!

In crafty news: started frogging 2 sweaters yesterday, the maroon cabled sweater & the cotton salmon pink one. The salmon one is easy, but time consuming - it's a light sport weight, so lots of yardage. I'm hoping to get enough to make a top out of the 24 hour crochet projects book that I got from the library since it's a sport weight. I think I will.

The cabled sweater is a PITA!! I finally gave up on it this morning & will make DH help me frog it. I've been warned about sweaters like this from the recyledyarns yahoogroup. Someone last year just got a similiar sweater. It's a solid color sweater but made like a striped sweater - one row with one ball of yarn, and one row with a second ball. But my cabled sweater is made even weirder - one round one ball, one round the second ball, for 4 rows, and then 4 rows of just one ball. Not to mention the beginning of each section is made with about 3 balls all at the same time. Not to mention that the balls just randomly end, and I know it's NOT me - in the middle of the cable, one ball will end. Very weird. This sweater is a heavy worstened weight. I'm getting stubborn about finishing it, so I will, but all those little balls of yarn are useless to what I wanted the yarn for, so I think they'll end up in potholders or washclothes or something, or I'll just tye all the ends together & make something wild with all the ends hanging out - magic 8 ball style with just one color.

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