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WIP Wednesday!

Actually, I don't really have many WIPs.

The pillowghan from hell that I haven't touched in at least a month.

that's it! LOL I've been making squares for the rainbow swap starting in May, and little projects like my shawl I finished in 2 days, and a couple of bags to put bathroom stuff in (we have open shelves,so...). That's it! I need new WIPs!

(technically, there's the monkey I'm going to start making, and the tops I want to make, and the ripple afghans I still want to make, and several scrap afghans that I need to make a few more squares for and put away. And don't forget, make something with all those squares I got from granny!)

LOL! You sound just like me. More often than not I don't feel like I have WIP's. I either finish things really quickly or I've got stuff I've put on the back burner and just kind of left there.

Thanks for your note. I just changed my layout a couple of days ago and it was nice to see some positive feedback :)

Oh, I'm so glad somebody posted a comment! I was starting to think I was blogging just to myself LOL.

Actually, usually I have a million WIPs, the last month or so I've been really, really unmotivated to do anything!

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