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squares, squares, squares!

finishedthe scrap white afghan at long last! Folded up & is sitting on my couch.

Haven't touchedthe damned pillowghan, I've been sick as a dog all week. Stomach virus thing. Ick.

I'll be mailing out those bookmarks to my bookmark partner tomorrow.

I want to start a new project - crocheted monkey! But, will hold off for a bit, I think. I need to make a TON of squares - 2 - 12" sage green & off white sqs for a swap, and an undetermined (as yet) number of spring sqs, an undetermined amount of flower sqs, and an undetermined # of red,white, and blue sqs, all of them 8" sqs. And I'm thinking of joining another large sq swap, maybe a green & white one or a stash buster swap.

And I still havethe blue sqs to put together.

They don't call me granny square woman for nothing!! What a love/hate relationship I have with them....

My dear friend J at work who crochets, made me a potholder this week (I made her 2 last week) & wants to make me crocheted socks! My other passion in life is socks! I can't wait to see what she makes for me.

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