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I had the best Easter ever! Besides getting belated birthday presents from my in-laws, my grandmother gifted me with 3 vintage magazines, a mixed media needlecraft book, 2 quick and easy spiral notebook (patterns every 6 weeks type of club) and get this: 2 small totes & a bag full of granny squares in assorted colors she's made. I get to finish an afghan my grandmother started crocheting! Am I the only one that thinks this is neat? She was also very impressed with the socks I'm knitting (I'd never use such tiny toothpicks!), the socks on my feet, and the shawl I was wearing made out of vintage wool from the Sutton Senior's flea market last year ($5 for a full basket full of wool. I still have more wool leftover!)

However, we came home last night to Zorro (our beloved furrbaby)'s throw up everywhere - including on one of my more recently finished afghans :(.

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