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blues swap

Well, even though I've been saying all week that Saturday I have to finish the pillowghan, I didn't work on it at all yesterday. I finished up the 2 12" sqs for the swap (ready to be mailed tomorrow) & made some blue squares to add to the blue squares I got from the swap. I had 2 or 3 half skeins of yarn lying on my side of the bed that I wanted to use up, and really didn't feel inspired to do anything else. I had some pink ready to go to start making the spring squares for the spring swap, but made the blue squares anyways. I really did need to make some - at last count I only had 51 squares from the blue swap - but, still.

So, today I want to at least start the spring squares. Last time I checked, only 6 or 8 people signed up for it, so that's not a lot of squares. But, combined with the flower squares I have to make, and the red, white & blue squares (which isn't until July/August, but still, I can think ahead can't I??).... I'm in square heaven.

This morning I've been browsing cat quilt patterns online. My aunt quilts & does incredible work & has some cats, and of course we have Zorro. So I was inspired to look. Damn, but now I really, really want to quilt!

Quilting looks so hard! But all the beautiful fabrics out there sure are enticing!

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