Saturday, November 27, 2004


Angel Afghan

17 inch Pineapple Squares

Auntie M's Climbing Shell HAM/MAM strip

Fantail Fantasy afghan

Kittens In A Row afghan

Serinity Afghan

Snowflake Afghan

Sunshine Lace Afghan

Lacy Shell Stole

This stole would be a great addition to any wardrobe.
You can see the picture and get the pattern at:
Lacy Shell Stole

Russian join

Things I still want to make but don't know when I'll ever get to them

--tote bag Folding Shopping Bag:  1 flat pocket just bigger than
driver's license, pocket for sun screen:  7" tall, 4" wide, 1 ½ to 2 "

-- SPRING PURSES designed by Denise Augostine

--Glitterspun scarf: Crochet Open work Scarf:

This week I have worked on squares for the fall autumn swap, and did about 3.5" on my scrap whites/off white afghan. I also have been working on another pair of toe up scrap socks out of scrap sock yarn. The heel & toe is red & the scrap yarns all have red in them, and they are coming out pretty neat, though I did make the foot part a smidge smaller than it should be so it's tight getting on & off.

Friday, November 19, 2004

At last I typed up the directions for these babies! I forgot what the gauge is off hand, so unfortunately you'll have to wing that part until I did up the socks & measure my own gauge. If you make these, PLEASE give me comments!! As always free to use for your own use or for non profit/charity work. For commercial, email me & we'll deal. Generally if you are making less than 5 or so to sell, you'll have my permission.

Brown Shell Socks

Materials: approx 150 grams of sock weight yarn Divide into 3 50 gram balls if needed. Save 50 grams for afterthought heel.
Size E or F hook or size to get gauge
Two stitch markers or safety pins (a scrap piece of yarn works in a pinch)
Gauge: 3 shells worked in the round to equal 3"

Special stitches: shell stitch: to work shell work (two hdc, ch 1, two hdc) all in same space.

Dec shell: work hdc in space, then (yo, insert hook into same space & draw yarn through, yo, insert hook into ch 1 space of the next shell stitch, yo, & draw through all loops on hook, ch 1, work 2 hdc in ch 1 space

Ch 11, sc in 2nd ch from hook (mark stitch) & in next 8 ch, work 3 sc in last chain stitch, marking center of the 3 sc.

Rounds 2, 3, 4: work in cont rounds, do not slip stitch rounds closed or chain one at beginning of each round, unless otherwise noted. Sc around, working 3 sc in each marked stitch around. At the end of the last round you should have 36 sc. Remove markers.

Round 5: Work shell in first stitch, * skip two sc, work shell, rep from * around.

Round 6: Work shell in each ch one space around.

Repeat for as many rounds as needed to equal two inches less than your total foot length. Measure carefully & mark number of rows of shell pattern, so that when you make your second sock your socks match exactly. I worked 21 shell rounds, which was slightly too big for my 9.5” long feet – 19 or 20 rounds would have been better. Do not end off!

Flatten sock so that your toes are positioned correctly, and mark each side of foot. Work in pattern until you get to your first marker, and then ch 24 for heel, and then continue in pattern on other side of marked stitch. You will finish your heel after the rest of your sock is done! Bring your markers up each round.

Next round: in ch stitches, work shell, skip 2 chains, & repeat across. When you get to the other side of the sock, continue working in pattern.

Repeat last round 2 times if you have a small ankle; 3 if you have a large.

Decrease round: work dec shell over next two shell spaces, work across to next marker, work dec shell over next two shell spaces, con in pattern.

Work two more rounds evenly.

Ribbing: Work 40 dc evenly spaced around.

Round 2 ribbing: work fpdc in first stitch, * work bpdc in next stitch, work fpdc in next stitch, & repeat around from *.

Round 3 & following rows ribbing: Work fpdc in all fpdc stitches & bpdc in all bpdc stitches.

Repeat around for as many desired rows or until you run out the 100 grams of yarn.

Afterthought heel: using 50 gram ball of yarn you separated, work sc evenly around the chain space & onto the other side of the sock. I worked 55 sc around. Work 3 rounds even, then dec 4 sc every other round until 12-15 or so sc remain. Try on your socks frequently at this point & make sure your heel fits you well, and change how often you decrease if needed.

End off, sew seam, and enjoy your socks!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Anybody out there in blog land that may have worked on the South Beach sock pattern, here is
directions for a modified heel: (see below)


Now, when I make those socks, I just make an afterthought heel, or a heel from another pattern, or my own version of a heel - it's basically a heel flap with decreases & then you pick up gusset stitches.

Last night I worked on squares for the 8" fall colors swap. I was going to work on the blues swap, but I figured I better finish up the fall colors. I tend to make a bunch of squares in round 1 - 2 in different patterns (all in my head, or following a pattern), and then work on the next round, and so on until I'm done, if I'm making squares with multiple colors. It's more fun that way, for me anyway :). I ended up starting about 24 squares, & I believe I only needed to make another 8 or 9 squares, so I'll have lots of extras. Not a problem; when I get all my squares in from my exchange, I'll be able to make a bigger afghan. I think I'm supposed to get about 34 squares from the swap, so with the extra squares, I'll have around 50 or so, if everyone sends their squares to me. So, I can make an afghan 7 squares by 7 squares = each square is 8" = so about 56" square, plus say a 4" border. Not bad if I do say so myself. I like my afghans large, though not necessarily square. I suppose I could do a 6 squares by 8 squares afghan = which comes out to 48" by 64" = yeah, I think I like that better, plus the border.

Friday, November 12, 2004

One more post for the night!

What I've crocheted for the week:

a couple more Halloween & fall squares for my yahoogroup swap, & gotten them ready to be mailed out tomorrow

started working on the blues square swap. Did a few plain blue granny squares & then playedwith some of the patterns I printed off on Wednesday. Pretty happy with the results - they are a little different than plain jane granny squares but still easy enough to do in my sleep, and thus reach my comfort zone.

I did work on a few rows of my all scrap white afghan - have I talked about this on the blog yet? Its coming out beautifully, and I'm definitely going to keep this afghan. I haven't touched any of my other scrap afghans, though. I haven't knitted all week, either.

If anyone happens to wander onto my blog tonight, I'm in the process of re-doing the template for this site again, so I still need to add all my links, WIPs, etc etc. I think I added all the rings, & correctly too but if they aren't working, drop me a line & I'll try to figure out where I screwed up tomorrow when I finish everything.

Crocheted Stocking Hat

Must make this hat for Christmas in Christmas colors, and white fun fur for the brim...

Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Taco Chip Surprise - A Beadwrangler Crochet Project

Isn't that beautiful? And it's crocheted...

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Crochet Calendar Submissions

Boy, am I excited about this! I've been hoping that they would finally get around to making a crochet calender again, especially since crochet is so HOT right now! I have several things I'm going to submit, mainly socks. So please pass the word about this project to everyone you know, so that this becomes a 365 crochet project calender, not a 52 week kind of thing.

Circle of Hope

this would be good for the 7" blues exchange I'm doing via

exchange groups

7" Exchange Squares

7" Exchange Squares

Maze Granny square

I love this square! Must make!

Crochet Pattern Central - Free 7" Afghan Square Crochet Pattern Links

Monday, November 08, 2004

Well,this weekend ended up going by too fast, as always.

I spent a good portion of my time starting another, yes another, scrap yarn afghan. However, this one I've fallen in love with & I'm keeping for us. It's pretty big - I didn't measure it, but it's probably five feet wide, and made entirely out of scrap white/offwhite/creams/and a few light browns/beiges. It's my standard favorite scrap yarn pattern - sc in first sp, dc in next... and in every following row, sc in the dc, and dc in the sc's. (see earlier post).

I also worked on a couple more squares for the swap. And, um, let me see, that's it for the weekend I believe.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

almost traditional but not quite traditional granny square

Julie's Granny Square

links & info & free patterns - Granny Squares

A Trunk Full of Grannies
What to make with Granny Squares:

1. One granny square equals one coaster.
2. One granny square, along with some felt and stuffing, and you'll have a pretty pin cushion.
3. Two granny squares and some felt for padding will produce one potholder.
4. Two large grannies can travel along as a handy beach bag.
5. Two small squares stitched together, then lined with felt, and you'll have a handy home for all those loose needles.
6. Two motifs, tied with ribbons at the sides and shoulders, can be a vest for a favorite doll.
7. Make three tiny granny squares of fine crochet cotton, stitch them together into a strip, and you'll have a gift for the family bookworm.
8. Gather all your knitting worsted yarn scraps together, make four granny squares to cover that "seen better days" sofa pillow.
9. Four granny squares equals an eyeglass case-- 2 squares on each side.
10. Sew six grannies into a two motif by three motif rectangle and you'll have a table mat.
11. Nine tiny granny squares will make a doll house afghan. The best yarn to use here is one strand of three-ply needle point yarn.
12. Nine four-inch granny squares can cover the side of a slightly worn, but oh-so-handy tote. Eighteen squares and you can cover the whole thing!
13. Nine granny squares is also the right size for a seat cushion for the dining room chairs.
14. Sixteen granny squares in rug yarn makes a nice bathroom rug. Figuring four squares by four squares, you can make it larger, if you like.
15. Twenty granny squares makes the perfect welcome mat. This is four squares by five squares for a nice rectangle to fit by the front door.
16. Thirty-two is about the right number of granny squares to cover the old backing on your rocking chair. Figure a four by eight block rectangle; be sure to measure the chair as rockers, of course, differ.


Another granny square pattern. It's a 12" square made up of four smaller granny squares.


This pattern is on my list of to make afghans....


Since my site is called Granny Square Woman after all, I figured I'd post a link to a 9 patch granny square afghan. I've made varieties of this before without following a pattern.

Friday, November 05, 2004

This week I've worked on misc projects - mostly 8" squares for a couple of swaps I'm doing through a yahoogroup (fall colors & Halloween squares). I worked on those scrap afghans for a bit, too but mostly just the squares.