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goodness, I haven't been around

Goodness, I haven't been around in quite some time. Our computer has definitely been acting up, and work is just so crazy, I'm exhausted by the time I come home at night. And the fact that it takes our computer 30+ minutes to boot up, doesn't help matters any. Yes, we have computer problems!

I've been busy knitting socks. Let's see, I'm working on a pair of lovely Opal socks in a Brasil colorway - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black & white. I love them! They are the first pair of Opal socks I've actually made, and have 4 skeins of Opal yarn in my stash. Definitely must make more Opal socks! These baby are straight st st on size 1 needles, 56 stitches around. Toe up, of course. I just finished the heel turn, and have done maybe 1.5" past that. I do both socks at the same time on dpn, all my socks are made that way.

I'm also making a pair of 2 by 2 ribbed socks using a blue-green Sockotta colorway. Also 56 stitches, using size 1 needles. These are my "make while I'm on my lunch break at work" socks, so they are coming along very slowly. I knit slow to begin with. A good week of work knitting, is maybe 1.5" of knitting!

I'm also making a pair of Crazy 8's socks - you know, the leftover sock pattern. I adore this pattern, and I'm making it with blue leftovers. My "wild" color has purple in it. IT's slow going, as I only work on them when I'm awake & have time to knit 16 rows in one sitting - 8 rows on each sock in the same color, so I won't forget where I am in the socks or what color I used. And since I knit slow...

Let's see, what other socks am I making? I'm making a pair out of the Smiley's sockyarn, the Italian yarn that always slips my mind... C something... Cervinia Calzetteria (I looked it up). I'm still increasing for the toe on both socks, using size 2 needles. If I had size 1.5, I'd use those - 2 isn't giving me quite the gauge I want, and using size 1's with this sock yarn hurts my hands. I think this yarn is a little heavier than fingering weight. I'm using a blue/green colorway. Can you tell what my favorite colors are? Hmm.

I picked up at Salvation Army on Saturday a TON of vintage sock yarn, different brands/blends (a lot of 50% wool, 50% nylon, some 100% nylon, some 100% wool) but all the same weight - it was marked 50 cents each, and was 50% off! I bought every skein they had, including some skeins that weren't quite full. Figuring an average of 3.5 oz per pair of socks, I have enough vintage yarn to make 12 pairs of socks!! what a steal! I'm very excited about it. Now, mind you, these socks will be wild... mostly blues or pastel colors, with some oranges, one skein of red, and one of brown. But, I'm a wild gal to begin with. My practice swatching so far is giving me 10 spi on size 0's. I didn't like the look on size 1's at all, even though my gauge was awfully close - 9 spi.

My question is, can I freely mix the 100% nylon yarn with the 100% wool yarn & the blends? I was thinking of maybe using the 100% nylon yarn just for the heels/toes, and using everything else freely.

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