Friday, July 16, 2004

I've been making lots of charity items lately - still, I should say. I've been on an afghan kick, which has been really weird. I don't do afghans, usually. It's way, way too traditional - and, I don't need ANY more afghans, nor does anyone else I know. My area isn't a high charity area - i.e., the usual spots you'd think of, don't accept hand made items. The homeless shelters, the hospitals, etc. aren't interested, or if they are, they are already well supplied. So, I've been concentrating on making kitty/doggy blankets for a local pet shelter that has a need.

Monday, July 05, 2004

goodness, I haven't been around

Goodness, I haven't been around in quite some time. Our computer has definitely been acting up, and work is just so crazy, I'm exhausted by the time I come home at night. And the fact that it takes our computer 30+ minutes to boot up, doesn't help matters any. Yes, we have computer problems!

I've been busy knitting socks. Let's see, I'm working on a pair of lovely Opal socks in a Brasil colorway - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black & white. I love them! They are the first pair of Opal socks I've actually made, and have 4 skeins of Opal yarn in my stash. Definitely must make more Opal socks! These baby are straight st st on size 1 needles, 56 stitches around. Toe up, of course. I just finished the heel turn, and have done maybe 1.5" past that. I do both socks at the same time on dpn, all my socks are made that way.

I'm also making a pair of 2 by 2 ribbed socks using a blue-green Sockotta colorway. Also 56 stitches, using size 1 needles. These are my "make while I'm on my lunch break at work" socks, so they are coming along very slowly. I knit slow to begin with. A good week of work knitting, is maybe 1.5" of knitting!

I'm also making a pair of Crazy 8's socks - you know, the leftover sock pattern. I adore this pattern, and I'm making it with blue leftovers. My "wild" color has purple in it. IT's slow going, as I only work on them when I'm awake & have time to knit 16 rows in one sitting - 8 rows on each sock in the same color, so I won't forget where I am in the socks or what color I used. And since I knit slow...

Let's see, what other socks am I making? I'm making a pair out of the Smiley's sockyarn, the Italian yarn that always slips my mind... C something... Cervinia Calzetteria (I looked it up). I'm still increasing for the toe on both socks, using size 2 needles. If I had size 1.5, I'd use those - 2 isn't giving me quite the gauge I want, and using size 1's with this sock yarn hurts my hands. I think this yarn is a little heavier than fingering weight. I'm using a blue/green colorway. Can you tell what my favorite colors are? Hmm.

I picked up at Salvation Army on Saturday a TON of vintage sock yarn, different brands/blends (a lot of 50% wool, 50% nylon, some 100% nylon, some 100% wool) but all the same weight - it was marked 50 cents each, and was 50% off! I bought every skein they had, including some skeins that weren't quite full. Figuring an average of 3.5 oz per pair of socks, I have enough vintage yarn to make 12 pairs of socks!! what a steal! I'm very excited about it. Now, mind you, these socks will be wild... mostly blues or pastel colors, with some oranges, one skein of red, and one of brown. But, I'm a wild gal to begin with. My practice swatching so far is giving me 10 spi on size 0's. I didn't like the look on size 1's at all, even though my gauge was awfully close - 9 spi.

My question is, can I freely mix the 100% nylon yarn with the 100% wool yarn & the blends? I was thinking of maybe using the 100% nylon yarn just for the heels/toes, and using everything else freely.