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Nada in crochet news - just some personal stuff.

I feel like such a bad journaler; I know I haven't been around all that much. The last couple of weeks have been busy & draining emotionally. We never did make it away 2 weeks ago; my great aunt (and a very dear, sweet woman at that) passed away, so I had to do my duties & go to the wake & the funeral with my mom. Emotionally draining, indeed.

More truck problems; work has been crazy, and I've just been exhausted all the time. I just haven't had the oompth... to do much of anything. I certainly haven't been going online, at all. And in between all this, my mother & sister in law had birthdays, my mom's is today, SIL also got engaged, and of course, Mother's Day is Sunday. We're celebrating all these things on Saturday.

I desperately need to make some changes to my website; especially the crochet socks webring page. But, alas, the thought of doing so makes me want to cry.

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