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What a day - grr. But, I will talk about that later. Happy Easter to anyone who celebrates it.

Last night I began crocheting a pair of socks, my own pattern. I'm very pleased with how they are coming out, and I'm thinking of actually submitting the pattern to a magazine somewhere. It's about time I start trying to sell my original patterns. I'll post a photo of my work in progress, but for tonight, we're off to watch some movies we rented from the library. And, oogle over my new crochet books I bought today at a used bookstore, and oogle over my latest crochet books from interlibrary loan. And work on those socks, and probably start my poncho tonight - if, that is, I decide to dig my yarn out from my closet that i want to use. Yes, I decided on what to use - and what pattern! At long last!

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