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Well, I managed to find my book for the 63 squares crochet a long - so, I'm excited about that! I also WROTE all the things I need to do or want to do for my main website but, have yet to do any of it!

DH will be home awfully soon - in 5 or 10 minutes - so, I'm off to hop in the shower, and I think I may try square one of the 63 squares tonight. I'm exhausted so I'm not expecting to get too far! Then again, I haven't figured out colors yet, so maybe I shouldn't start tonight. Hmmm. Back to the thinking board, I guess!

Added some links & stuff tonight! Please admire the wonderful Zorro picture :). Oh, and I forgot to add my email address... that's adultramblings at therapids dot net if you want to drop me a line! Please do!

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