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Welcome to the new crochet blog :). Yup, I started a new one. Well, the old one was a little top heavy, and with so few, infrequent posts, I decided to start over again, afresh, and just leave the old one to the land of archives.

So, what am I crocheting? Actually, I'm more knitting these days than crocheting. I am working on a ton of scrap yarn afghans, and work on them all about once or so a week, on one of my days off. During the week, when I get home from work, I'm mostly knitting.
I even started a knitting blog:


Please check it out!

So, in the meantime, I've been checking out crochet online & I'm really excited to see a small community of crochet bloggers forming. I don't know if I just couldn't find them before, or if they really are new, but it's SO incredibly wonderful to see other crochet bloggers on there. And there are actually some active crochet a longs! Which is amazing for me to see as I've been trying really hard to get crochet alongs started, without any luck at all!! So, of course... I promptly joined some 'longs. Will post all the links & details later, and add some links to some crochet blogs... but, I've spent 4 hours online playing, and not getting any crafting done! Or cleaning... or wait, I still haven't eaten anything at all... all day... perhaps, I should eat? LOL!

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