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Want to see a photo of my socks? A scan, actually....

As you can see, these babies are almost done - almost to the ribbing, if I decide to do ribbing, which I haven't yet decided. They are pictured with the tops of the socks at the top, and the toes at the bottom. Yes, they are toe-up, as are all my socks. If I did the coding right, then you can click on the photo for the larger photo, which is still shrunk from the original but bigger than what's posted here. Since I'm on dial up, I try to keep photos small.

I'm also using 2 different colors of two different sock yarns from elann.com - the colors themselves are pretty close, except for the black, and I think they blend well enough, and the look is unique.

I'm also doing an afterthought heel, mainly because I wasn't sure how much of either skein I was going to have left for the heel, and, I wanted to make sure it would be easy for me to re-do the heel if it didn't fit, or wore out, or whatever. I ended up deciding that the heel will be made with a 3rd color of leftover elann.com sock yarn, this time with purples & blues in it. It'll be a wild, leftover sock, and it's perfectly my style.

Easter, was, well Easter. I did manage to get a few inches crocheted on these socks, though, so who am I too complain? Didn't get a chance to work on them at all today, but hopefully tonight I can finish them. I'm planning on making this pair over again, with a few changes, in a plain-ish opal yarn I have, and writing up the patterns. At that point, I'll be looking for a pattern checker!

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