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I finished my socks last night! A tad loose, enough that you really notice it, but not bad overall, esp. considering I made these babies mostly when tired, or distracted (as in during Easter family get together).

Recent FO's:

Freeform crocheted hat :) modeled by me, of course.

Toliet tissue cover, made for my parents' at Christmas & my own design.

Floral scrap quilt, from the book "Crochet Scrap Yarn Afghans" by House of White Birches. Designs by Sharon Volkman.

Scrap yarn afghan in shades of blue, a basic sc, hdc in one st, skip next st, rep across.

My sock yarn order from elann.com that just arrived yesterday!

Current Projects

    log cabin afghan
    knit mitered square afghan
    granny square afghan
    quilted C afghan
    mittens for Akkol
    patchwork wool afghan
    design socks
    SocretPal Socks